Toral Rasputra, Vishal Aditya Singh shares wishes on Lohri, Makar Sankranti

January 12, 2024
Vishal Aditya Singh among many others have extended their heartfelt wish and spoke about why it is special to them.

On the occasion of Lohri and Makar Sankranti on January 13, television stars such as Toral Rasputra and Vishal Aditya Singh among many others have extended their heartfelt wish and spoke about why it is special to them.

Toral Rasputra, who portrays the character of Mansi in ‘Doree’, said: “Uttarayan holds such dear memories from my childhood when my friends and I used to make and fly kites. I never learned or flew kites after school, but last year, I actually celebrated the kite-flying festival in the city of Surat.”

“I had visited there with my family to see relatives. We flew kites throughout the daylight hours, giving tough competition to others flying kites from their terraces.

“We also enjoyed Uttarayan treats like Tilguds, laddoos, and sugarcane juice while vibing to music. This year, however, I can’t be with my relatives or friends to celebrate, so I decided to share homemade Tilguds with them. It might be a busy time, but spreading sweetness and joy is important, even if we’re apart. Wishing everyone a very Happy Uttarayan!”

Actor Anuraj Chahal, who plays Armaan in ‘Udaariyaan’ said that Lohri in Punjab is more than just a celebration. It’s about us coming together, feeling hopeful, and celebrating our unity and good times.

He added: “Before Lohri arrives, Punjab gets all sparkly and lively. One can hear drums beating and folks singing our traditional tunes everywhere. It’s like the state gets a happy makeover! The best part for me is sitting with my favourite people around the bonfire. We chat, laugh, and munch on yummy sweets such as gajak and til laddoos.”

Actress Tanvi Dogra from ‘Parineetii’ said that Lohri is a time when her family gathers not just for the bonfire and dances, but for her mother’s amazing cooking.

“This festival is all about incredible food right from sarson ka saag, makke ki roti, gajak, tilguds, laddoos, gajrela, rewri to berry pulao. I don’t mind cheating on my diet for panjiri, pinni, and makhane di kheer.

“I pray for abundance and prosperity for my friends and family. May this Lohri fill our hearts and plates with warmth, strengthening our family bonds and traditions.”

Actor Vishal Aditya Singh from Colors ‘Chand Jalne Laga’ said Makar Sankranti holds a special place in his heart because of the traditions it brings.

“One of my fondest memories is of the exhilarating kite-flying sessions that marked this festival each year. The excitement of selecting unique, eye-catching kites and engaging in friendly competitions added to the joy of the celebration. As a child, the anticipation of finding the perfect kite that could outshine the rest was thrilling.

“This year, I’ll be celebrating this festival with my ‘Chand Jalne Laga’ family on set; I’m considering bringing kites to add a touch of festivity during our break.”

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