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Do it the way the South does: It works!

The Hindi film industry, especially its stars, has this funny attitude towards South Indian films and filmmakers. They grudge South Indian films, especially the successful ones and more so the ones that are dubbed and succeed with the Hindi belt audience!

In recent times, quite a few dubbed South Indian films have done record-breaking business in the Hindi belt and there are no exceptions. Earlier, mainly the Telugu films worked when remade in Hindi, with a rare Tamil film doing so. Kannada and Malayalam remakes rarely worked, and the producers avoided remaking them.

In fact, quite a few Hindi stars have either built or sustained their careers because of South Indian remakes or Hindi films made by South Indian filmmakers. The Kannada market was small and had a limited reach. Tamil films were very conventional, verbose. Malayalam films were too bold and unconventional, too ahead of their time to appeal to the Hindi audience fed on what were called formula films.

Telugu films worked because they were close to Hindi themes and readily acceptable. That was one reason why more Telugu filmmakers got into the Hindi market compared to others.

In the recent past, when a few South Indian films worked big time, some actors took to social media to express their grudge.The dubbing of South Indian films was a small-time byproduct that did not bother Hindi filmmakers; rather, they served as gap fillers for the distributors and exhibitors during phases when releasing a new Hindi film was not considered opportune.

The South Indian filmmakers kept their basic ingredients of family, mother-sister ties, traditional culture; in fact, they stuck to their roots, but their approach to filmmaking changed. They introduced grandeur. And you started being treated to films such as ‘Baahubali’, ‘RRR’, ‘Kantara’, and such. Hindi filmmakers and stars should not grudge such films. Not that they did not try to imitate multi-star costume dramas, but it didn’t help.

Despite everything, now the Hindi stars have decided to go all-out to copy South Indian trends all the way (without bothering to their way of sticking to content with roots).

South Indian stars enjoy a huge fan following who are really devoted to their idols. They have fan clubs. Here, the stars may have fans, but each fan may also be a fan of a few other actors. There, the fans go out of their way to felicitate a star’s new release, bathe his cutouts with milk and build temples in his honour. So, why not pretend to have a fan base and fan clubs for our Hindi stars?

To that end, Hindi stars now invite their ‘fans’ to all their events and film premieres, and help fill empty cinemas. It reminds me of political events and rallies where a politician’s followers/fans are actually a crowd on bikes. Next day, when the other politician organises a rally, you won’t be surprised to see the same faces.

Loyalty and devotion on hire! That is okay for social media handles. To go the whole hog, the makers of Hindi films have started putting up huge cutouts of the film’s lead stars a la South. This is a typically South Indian trend. Huge cutouts of the star measuring 40 to 60 feet in height are put up.

So, be prepared to see huge cutouts of Shah Rukh Khan put up for ‘Pathaan’ or of Ajay Devgn for his upcoming film, ‘Bhola’. If you can’t beat them, join them!

–By Vinod Mirani

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