From Reita Faria to Manushi Chhillar, Indians who've been crowned Miss World

March 9, 2024
Over the decades, 6 Indian divas who have won the coveted title have gone on to carve out notable paths in different fields such as cinema, modelling and even healthcare

It’s fascinating to see how the journey of these Miss World winners from India has unfolded over the years, showcasing not just their beauty but also their talent, resilience, and commitment to various fields. Here’s a summary of their journeys:

Reita Faria Powell:

  • Became the first Indian woman to win the Miss World title in 1966.
  • Pursued a career in medicine and later in public health.
  • Involved in initiatives promoting healthcare and education in India.
  • Currently living in Dublin with her husband and two daughters.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan:

  • Won the Miss World title in 1994.
  • Established herself as one of the most successful actresses in the Indian film industry.
  • Brand ambassador for L’Oreal and a regular at the Cannes Film Festival.
  • Married to actor Abhishek Bachchan and has a daughter named Aaradhya.

Diana Hayden:

  • Crowned Miss World in 1997.
  • Studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.
  • Had a diverse career spanning modelling, acting, and television presenting.
  • Author of ‘The Beautiful Truth’.
  • Married to an American businessman and had a daughter via frozen egg at the age of 43.

Yukta Mookhey:

  • Won the Miss World title in 1999.
  • Ventured into acting in Bollywood films, but with limited success.
  • Acted in several films, with notable appearances in lesser-known movies.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas:

  • Crowned Miss World in 2000.
  • Became one of the highest-paid Bollywood actresses.
  • Won two National Film Awards and received the Padma Shri.
  • Successful transition into Hollywood with roles in films and TV series like ‘Quantico’.
  • Known for her human rights advocacy and influential friendships.
  • Married to American pop star Nick Jonas and has a daughter named Malti Marie.

Manushi Chhillar:

  • Crowned Miss World in 2017.
  • Pursued an MBBS degree but shifted focus to Bollywood.
  • Made her debut in Bollywood alongside Akshay Kumar.
  • Set to appear in upcoming films, indicating a promising career in acting.

Each of these women has carved a unique path for themselves, showcasing not only their beauty but also their intelligence, talent, and contributions to various fields, including healthcare, entertainment, and advocacy. Their journeys serve as inspiration for women around the world.

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