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Ganesha’s 5 essentials Bollywood can follow to boom up more

It is the most favorite festive season of the year as Ganpati Bappa has arrived at everyone’s home and various pandals across the country. Our Bollywood town too celebrates this festival with zest and joy and gets an opportunity to celebrate it with family and relatives. Over the years there are many celebrities who have started welcoming Lord Ganesha in their homes and it is great to see the actors taking a break from their busy schedule to praise the lord. This year Shah Rukh Khan too surprised everyone by welcoming Bappa at his home. Now it’s the time to bid adieu to our loving Bappa as the festive season ends now but before bidding him farewell, Bollywood apart from celebrating should also adopt certain teachings of the Lord Ganesha. Here are 5 essentials Bollywood can learn to charm up more. 

Stay united now and then

As we all invite the lord as ‘atithi’ (guest) in our house, it is the occasion where families come together to celebrate the festival. Similarly, Bollywood should not just come together only at such occasions but should also support each other in goods and bads to avoid clashes and disputes. The unity should always be maintained the way everyone unite during the festival.

Let the sweetness be a memory

With Bappa also comes a lot of sweetness as the aroma of modak spreads everywhere leaving everyone tempted. The sweetness that dwells in each bite should also dwell in the songs of Bollywood. In today's era where old songs are recreated, the originality should not be wiped out but rather they should please the ears with soothing music.

Execute knowledge for a better outcome

Regarded as the lord of wisdom and knowledge, it is also essential to not just inculcate his intellect but also to implement it in real time. No doubt Bollywood has been delivering great films since decades but there are two sides of a coin so there are some movies which also gain a lot of criticisms at times for their irrelevant content. The fraternity should execute the knowledge to overcome the criticism and gain a fruitful outcome.

Look ahead and toss your fate

The heart is filled with emotions while immersing Bappa on the day of visarjan, but happiness and sorrow is a part and parcel of life. We shouldn’t stop on what we lose instead we should move on ahead to welcome a new phase, similarly, success is not stable in a life of an artist or actor so keeping asides the failures one should convert the downfalls into excellence. And as Shah Rukh Khan sings in his song 'Agle Baras Tujhko Jalwa Dikhana Hi Hoga' to Bappa so should an artist rise up each year to mark his/ her stardom in Bollywood.

Soar high but stay on the ground 

Lord Ganesha had taught king Kuber a lesson as the king carried huge pride for his wealth and prosperity. Bappa with his smartness broke his pride and commanded him to not to be so proud about fame or the ego will demolish you to the core. Similarly, an artist or an actor shouldn't fly high that he/ she wouldn't be able to see the world beyond his vision. So enjoy and celebrate the success with feet on the ground.





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