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Interview : Harman Baweja

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His first two films might not have been hits but it’s too early to rule out Harman Baweja. He is ready for yet another big release of his, WHAT’S YOUR RAASHEE? and Harman hopes that he will be lucky this time working under the aegis of Ashutosh Gowarikar. Harman speaks to our correspondent on his role and more.

Your first two films didn’t do well. Isn’t that a cause of worry?
Well, it definitely does but I try and take things more positively. Both LOVE STORY 2050 and VICTORY got a lukewarm response but I was happy because my performance was appreciated by critics. It was very encouraging for me as an actor. Moreover, I don’t think that a film depends on the performance of the hero or heroine only. The success of a film depends on so many other factors… so that’s the positive side to it.

So WHAT’S YOUR RAASHEE? will be an acid test for you?
(Smiles). The film has been made on a huge canvas and by one of the best

“Priyanka has done a brilliant job.”

directors in the industry today. So I am really looking forward to it. It has a very interesting story and has been narrated in a very simple way. At the same time it wasn’t that easy to work on that film as it finally looks in the final print.

But Priyanka is more in the news because she plays 12 characters…
(Smiles). It’s actually a record of sorts for her. She is a brilliant actress and this is the second time I am working with her. We are really good friends so I know the way she works. She is a professional to the hilt and goes to any extent to give a good performance. (Pauses) In fact, it wasn’t an easy job to play 12 different characters…it’s like 12 different shades of life, 12 different natures and she has pulled it off marvelously and in with complete ease.


And how was it working with Ashutosh Gowarikar given that he has won so many awards in the past?
Ashu sir is a genius. This is also the first time he is directing a romantic comedy…something completely different from his earlier works. That he is a master shows in his works. He was accommodating, to the point and always there to make things look easy for his actors. We all are hoping that he manages to win awards for this film too. (Laughs).

WHAT’S YOUR RAASHEE? is based on a famous play…
Yes…and that always makes the job for a filmmaker and his actors more difficult. It’s a fun, light-hearted film. The story is about a boy who is to be married and he chooses 12 girls from 12 different raashees and then meets them.

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And you play the boy…
Yes, I play Yogesh Patel who has just come back to India after completing his studies and the situation arises such that he has to get married in 10 days. So he chooses 12 girls from different raashees, who he starts meeting one by one. Priyanka plays all these 12 girls. (Smiles). That was actually a bit too heavy because she has to get into skin of each and every character. From the looks, to the attire to the mannerisms she got everything different. Eventually I get married to one of the girls, which is the biggest surprise of the film.

So your job was comparatively a lot easier…
Of course but there’s another side to it. I too had to mould myself into almost 12 different characters because every time, I met one of these girls, I too had to be in a different state of mind. It was like a new Yogesh Patel meeting a new Priyanka every time.

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So you actually had to prepare for 13 characters…
(Laughs out loud) That is a good way to put it. Yes it was like 13 different men meeting 12 different girls.

Your films might not have done great at the box office but don’t you think that you have been extremely lucky to have had worked with some big banners and directors so far…
Of course I am fortunate and I hope that keeps on happening in the future too. I am happy with the way things have shaped up so far. I am not insecure and taking my own time to decide on good projects. There are quite a few good films in the pipeline already and I am considering a few more scripts.

In fact your next film, IT’S MY LIFE, under Boney Kapoor’s production house too is a big one.
(Smiles again) Definitely it’s a big one. It’s not only because it’s a Boney Kapoor production but it also has Nana Patekar. Moreover, it is being directed by Anees Bazmee. It’s again a different kind of film altogether. You need to wait and watch out for me. There’s a lot happening.

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