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Interview : Imran Khan

‘Imran Khan: I went for a babymoon with Avantika!’

Imran Khan is a happy man right now. On one hand he went back to his childhood days while dubbing for the Hindi version of the 3D animation film RIO 2. On the other, he is preparing for the arrival of his first born. Below are the excerpts of a crisp conversation the actor had with TWF correspondent Sreya Basu… Read on…

How was the experience of dubbing for the male protagonist Blu in RIO 2?
It was so much fun. You know, when you are doing an animated character you get to have a little more fun. Since it is a cartoon character you can do many things which you can’t otherwise do when you are playing a live character. For example, funny side effects, funny voices… you get to play around with it.

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What was your reaction when the offer came to you?
I wanted to do something like this for a long time. However, it was not the first time that I was offered an animation film. Earlier, a couple of times I was offered to dub for a couple of animation films. But unfortunately, I never got to do them as I was busy with something else.

‘All kind of shopping for the baby is going on in full swing’

Are you fond of animation films?
You have no idea how much I love animation films. I love the type of humour that they have.

Can you relate to Blue Macaw?
There are too many similarities between me and Blue. When I was watching this film before starting with dubbing, I kept thinking ‘Oh My God! I can relate to this guy so much!’ Blue’s sense of humour – the straight-face, dead-pan, awkward humour – is something I really loved. Besides, I am a prim and proper city boy just like Blue.

Given a choice, which desi cartoon character would you like to dub for?
I loved the promo of ARJUN: THE WARRIOR PRINCE (2012). May be, I would love to give my voice to a mythological character like Arjun.

Now that you are soon-to-be a father, is dubbing for an animation film a kind of preparation on how to grab your kid’s attention?
Well, you can say that. Now that I have dubbed for a macaw, I know how to make a macaw voice. Hope my baby will love my mimicry skills.

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What preparations are you taking for your baby’s arrival?
There are lots of preparations going on right now. We have got a lot of baby bottles, car seats, etc. All kind of shopping for the baby is going on in full swing.

Can you share a childhood memory of yours with us?
As a child I was very enthusiastic about riding a two-wheeler. I first drove a scooter when I was about 13 years old. A new scooter was just bought in the family and my maternal grandmother said if I had to ride it, I have to wear a helmet though in those days wearing helmet was not a law in the country. And at that time there used to be these huge, uncomfortable helmets. It was more of a hazard for me wearing such a thing on my head and driving the scooter.

You were absent from limelight for a long time. Why is that?
From Christmas till about mid February I was on a long vacation. It was our last holiday (Imran and wife Avantika’s) before the baby is born. Since my wife is pregnant, we decided to go on a ‘babymoon’. Just like people go on honeymoon after marriage, we went on ‘babymoon’ before our baby is born.

And how was your ‘babymoon’?
It was very relaxing.

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