Ajay Devgn – the star for all seasons

Ajay Devgn covers GQ India's February - March issue; talks about his enduring stardom, what it is that makes him click, and of course Bollywood

In a new cover story for GQ’s February-March issue, writer Ankur Pathak meets with actor Ajay Devgn. During their conversations, Ajay Devgn talks about how he is constantly trying to improve in his next film, the judgements about his appearance, and his massive stardom despite the Khan era.

When asked about his assessment of his own successes Ajay Devgn says, “There’s no one line explanation to what works. Can you specifically point out what’s working with ‘Pathaan’?”

What others say doesn’t affect Ajay, he continuoius his ideology, “They said, oh, he’s the son of a fight master (Veeru Devgan), he won’t make it; oh, he is very average-looking, he won’t last. And yet, ‘Phool aur Kaante’ worked. What was it that did? The action, the music, the performances, or the storyline? One doesn’t know. But something clicked. Nothing works in isolation; it’s always the package that works.”

The audiences forming a para-social relationship with an actor based on factors other than physical appearance Ajay said, “It has no explanation. It’s a vibe. Without taking names, I’d say that there are some actors who are talented, good-looking, but when you see them on screen, they just irritate you, you know? It’s an instinctive reaction.”

And when his film Raju Chacha incurred losses at the box office, the lowest point of his career Ajay revealed that, “I didn’t buy a new phone for a whole year and kept using the one that was in tatters just to tide through.”

Talking about fatherhood he says, “I am still a very hands-on father. Like you saw, my son was constantly calling me. I’m fully aware of what’s happening in their school, which kid they’re fighting with, what they’ve had for breakfast and lunch, and what they’ll be having for dinner. I have to give them the time. Nysa has not yet made up her mind about what she wants to do. She’s still studying. Up till now she’s said she doesn’t want to be an actor. My son is too young to think about a career.”

And finally, about his most astute performance he says, “I hate my performance the minute a film is done. I just cannot. I’m not even looking at what could’ve been better. I’m just conscious of watching myself. If I had to pick one, it’d be Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘Zakhm’.”

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