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Ayushmann Khurrana: I’m glad we could shoot in the northeast

Ayushmann Khurrana has returned to Mumbai after shooting for "Anek" in the northeast

Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana has returned to Mumbai after shooting for “Anek” in the northeast. He says he has always looked forward to discovering the unexplored. “I have always looked forward to discovering the unexplored. So, my trip to the northeast truly touched my heart. I experienced so much beauty, so much love from people, so much character and diversity of our country, that it will always remain one of my most special trips that helped me discover more about my beautiful country,” Ayushmann said.

He is happy that he got a chance to shoot in the northeast. “Words will always fall short if I have to describe the effect northeast has had on me. I’m glad we could shoot in the northeast because it helped me learn something new about how incredible India is,” he said.

Talking about the beautiful memories of touring and shooting for “Anek”, Ayushmann said, “I can’t wait to go back to the northeast because I have returned to Mumbai with memories that are so personal and overwhelming. I’m grateful that we could shoot Anek so smoothly there.

“I was shooting a film for the first time in the Northeast and I didn’t anticipate the love I would get from the lovely people there.”

The actor added that what he cherishes the most is the warmth he got from the children in northeast. Ayushmann said, “It was truly special to meet them and soak in their love. Also, I could get my family to spend some time with me and we toured Kaziranga and made beautiful memories together. It was special and we loved every bit of this serene, rejuvenating vacation.”

Ayushmann got to discover the extremely popular red tea, called ‘laal sah’ in Assam and has become a big fan of it.

The actor said, “I discovered the beautiful laal sah and thoroughly loved it. I was drinking laal sah every single day on the sets and have got it home too. It’s like I have brought home a little piece of Assam with me. Whenever I miss being in the northeast, and I feel this frequently, I ensure I make myself a cup of Lal Sa and think about my beautiful time there.”

The star hopes to visit the region again. “Just the thought of Northeast makes me tremendously nostalgic and it is beckoning me to head there soon. Hopefully, I will manage a quick trip as soon as my schedule permits.”

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