‘Jazbaati Hai Dil’ from ‘Do Aur Do Pyaar’ sans any jazbaat or chemistry

With less than a month to go for the release, 'Do Aur Do Pyaar' is not creating the much-needed buzz. The makers have now released the first song, titled 'Jazbaati Hai Dil'

Vidya Balan, Pratik Gandhi, Ileana D’Cruz, and Sendhil Ramamurthy’s much-hyped film, ‘Do Aur Do Pyaar’, is set to grace the screens in April, but the complete lack of buzz surrounding it is deafening. Despite the looming release date, the film has failed to generate any significant interest or anticipation. In a feeble attempt to drum up excitement, the makers recently dropped the first song, ‘Jazbaati Hai Dil’.

The song, supposedly a romantic ballad showcasing the chemistry between the four protagonists, falls flat on its face. It mirrors the teaser’s confusion and utter lack of charm. The supposed spark between Vidya Balan, Pratik Gandhi, Ileana D’Cruz, and Sendhil Ramamurthy is painfully absent. While Armaan Malik and Ananya Birla try their best as singers, their efforts fail to salvage the lackluster performance from the actors.

If one were to glean anything from the teaser, ‘Do Aur Do Pyaar’ appears to be a half-hearted attempt at depicting modern love. The film seems to revolve around clichéd themes like infidelity, superficial romance, and attempts at reigniting lost passion. The storyline centered around two married couples – Vidya-Pratik and Ileana-Sendhil – seems to resort to cheap gimmicks like partner-swapping to create drama, rather than exploring genuine emotional depth.

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