P.F. Chang's packs a punch with flavours that turn each dish into an umami bomb

April 23, 2024
Iconic US-based global Asian fusion restaurant chain P.F. Chang's just opened their doors for foodies in Gurugram

Iconic US-based global Asian fusion restaurant chain P.F. Chang’s just opened their doors for foodies in Gurugram and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that one will be “wrapped” around each dish as every bite bursts with flavours in the mouth like a “dynamite”.

The popular restaurant chain, famous for its signature dishes such as lettuce-wrapped chicken and Dynamite Shrimp, was founded in 1993 by American restaurateurs Philip Chiang and Paul Fleming.

It celebrates the 2,000-year-old tradition of wok cooking and honours the cultures and recipes primarily of China, Japan, Korea and Thailand.

Keeping in mind the sensibilities of Gurugram’s food, the restaurant chain has tweaked its menu. For instance, as Ramit Bharti Mittal, Executive Chairman & Director, Gourmet Investments, pointed out, the famous Dynamite Shrimp of P.F. Chang’s comes in chicken and paneer variants.

From the presentation, where the delicacy was served in a martini glass, to the taste, everything about the ‘Dynamite Chicken’ was mindblowing.

The Gurugram outlet also has some “exclusive dishes’, including sushi and dumplings, for vegetarians. The asparagus tempura roll, packed with flavours, is a must-try. And non-vegetarians just cannot miss the chicken dumplings with chilli oil, for every bite feels like a carnival of flavours in the mouth.

Mittal’s suggestions included the juicy pepper steak doused with pepper garlic sauce and consisting of a chunky flank steak with onions and bell pepper.

Then came the orange chicken, which can rightly be described as a flavour bomb, for it stays true to the name. It begins with a sweet and tangy taste and ends with a little heat, but beware: One serving will not be enough — you will keep wanting more.

Opened at Gurugram’s popular food destination, Cyber Hub, on Sunday, April 21, P.F. Chang’s can be described as an upscale restaurant where a meal for two can cost up to approximately Rs 2,500. The price seems right for the taste and experience that is served.

On a sweeter note, the dessert section will leave those with a sweet tooth massively impressed. The banana spring rolls are a must try. These are crispy and crusty wontons wrapped around gooey banana and sprinkled on top with cinnamon. Served with ice-cream, the dish offers instant relief to the tastebuds.

Then there is the Great Wall of Chocolate, which the menu cautions is only ‘For Sharing’. Mittal said the size of the slice is a tad smaller than what is served abroad. Still, what the restaurant is serving in Gurugram is huge, but super delicious.

‘Yummy’ disclaimer: Be ready for the ultimate food coma at P.F. Chang’s.

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