Rohit Saraf and Pashmina Roshan sizzle in ‘Soni Soni’ Song from ‘Ishq Vishk Rebound

The latest song from the upcoming film 'Ishq Vishk Rebound', titled 'Soni Soni', has dropped, and it's a visual treat!

The latest song from the upcoming film ‘Ishq Vishk Rebound’, titled ‘Soni Soni’, has dropped, and it’s a visual treat! The romantic melody features Rohit Saraf and Pashmina Roshan, and their undeniable chemistry is setting the screens ablaze. The playful interactions and genuine connection between the two actors make ‘Soni Soni’ a must-watch.

“A Musical Delight: ‘Soni Soni’ is a Feast for the Senses”

The song ‘Soni Soni’ is a masterclass in combining catchy melodies with stunning visuals. The picturesque party setting, choreographed by Vijay Ganguly, showcases the dynamic pairing of Rohit and Pashmina. The song is composed by Rochak Kohli, with lyrics by Gurpreet Saini and sung by Darshan Raval, Jonita Gandhi, and Rochak Kohli.

“A Contemporary Tale of Young Love: ‘Ishq Vishk Rebound’ is a Movie to Watch Out For”

Directed by Nipun Avinash Dharmadhikari and produced by Ramesh Taurani and Jaya Taurani, ‘Ishq Vishk Rebound’ is a modern take on love, relationships, and friendships. The movie boasts a talented supporting cast, including Sheeba Chadda, Kusha Kapila, and Supriya Pilgaonkar. With the title track already receiving praise from Shahid Kapoor, and Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad supporting Pashmina’s Bollywood debut, this film is one to watch out for. Presented by Tips Films, ‘Ishq Vishk Rebound’ is set to release on June 21, 2024.

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