Simon Cowell finally opens up about why he's forced to wear red-tinted glasses

April 21, 2024
Simon Cowell's red-tinted glasses have often sparked curiosity among people

Simon Cowell’s red-tinted glasses have often sparked curiosity among people. The music mogul, 64, is no stranger when it comes to having his choice of clothing critiqued. Famed for his blue jeans and white or black sweaters, he has been testing the waters with his image.

He has opted to rock suave suits and interesting choices when it comes to eyewear. But it’s not just a fashion choice. He wears red-tinted glasses because of a medical condition, reports ‘’.

Simon has previously discussed struggling with a health issue that causes him “laser-like” pain. His red-tinted glasses significantly alleviate this discomfort.

As per ‘’, the boss behind ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ has faced various health challenges over the years, including a bike accident that necessitated extensive surgery. Additionally, he experiences migraines, which are severe headaches often accompanied by sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, and a stiff neck. Treatment typically involves medication like triptans and paracetamol to alleviate symptoms.

Speaking about his condition and red glasses, Simon said: “The red glasses are because I have lights in my eyes all day long, and it’s like a laser, and I get migraines, and that’s like a filter. And they actually do work.”

When quizzed on whether he could be starting a fashion trend, he joked: “I don’t think anyone has ever copied my fashion.”

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