Sunny Leone: I love to cook and bake

January 30, 2024
Sunny Leone said she is a “foodie” and added that she loves to cook and bake.

Even though she’s in an industry where eating right matters, actress Sunny Leone said she is a “foodie” and added that she loves to cook and bake. “I love to cook and bake. Baking is my forte. So anything that I can put together and put in an oven and bake is something that I enjoy,” Sunny told IANS.

The actress, who has turned restaurateur, said that she enjoys the process of baking.

She said: “I enjoy the process of baking whether it’s the breads, crusts or pizza dough or different types of desserts… the last thing I made was spinach spanakopita. I also make pizza dough from home.”

Sunny added: “Then creating different things for my kids to eat and watching them eat is the best.”

Sunny is a different kind of a foodie. She loves to try different flavours.

The actress said: “Yes, I am a foodie but I believe there are two different types of foodies. There’s one who just eat, eat and eat then there are foodies who really enjoy the idea of flavours of foods.”

She added: “So for me, I might not finish an entire plate but I would want to try different foods and different flavours and how those different combinations taste great. That’s the type of foodie that I am. I really would like to eat an entire pizza by myself.”

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