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AVENGERS: ENDGAME who is the real ‘hero’?

AVENGERS: ENDGAME is ruling the universe; The MCU final epic battle with the mighty Thanos has restored the universe with the army of superheroes contributing with their specialized skills / powers. It’s a team effort but who remained the player of the day – the star performer – the man of the match.
Lets find out… Sorry for the mild spoilers

Iron Mark – Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.)
The smart, suave and charming benefactor of the AVENGERS, the rare one who reportedly have read the entire screenplay, Soon after Thanos wrath we see Carol Danvers rescuing Tony Stark and the reunion with the remaining AVENGERS Bruce Banner, Steve Rogers, Rocket, Thor, Natasha Romanoff, and James Rhodes happens. The incredible Iron Man with that electromechanical suits in the final act does something completely unexpected and…

Carol Danvers – Captain Marvel (Brie Larson)
As said earlier, Carol Danvers rescues Tony Stark and the reunion happens. The latest edition of AVENGERS – CAPTAIN AMERICA smartly introduced before the AVENGERS ENDGAME, contributes significantly during the initial reels and her role in the finale epic battle makes the difference.

Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch)
The former neurosurgeon who discovers the hidden world of magic and alternate dimensions, and becomes the Master of the Mystic Arts plays a significant role during the final reels – elaborating more will make us stamped as evil hard core spoilers so we stick to our guns and try not to reveal much but still find the ‘real’ hero of AVENGERS ENDGAME by recollecting the significant role of everyone.

Ant-Man – Scott Lang (Paul Rudd)
All the triumph of Iron Man, Captain America etc. was impossible if Ant Man would not have escaped from the quantum realm five years later. It’s the small that’s makes the big difference as Ant Man explains and gives a glimmer of hope to the surviving AVENGERS by explaining that five years had been only five hours for him, and the idea of building a quantum realm time machine takes the seed.
The achievements of Banner, Lang, Rogers, Stark, Loki, Rocket, Thor, Nebula Rhodes, Hawkeye, Black Widow became possible only after Ant-Man’s ‘survival’.

And the mouse
But how did Ant Man survive?! The battle against the mighty Thanos was ultimately won in AVENGERS : END GAME but if you look closely, this unlikely hero performed the ‘real’ superhero feat for our favourite super heroes. A mouse, yes – this random mouse. The Van in which the quantum tunnel was housed was sitting in a storage infected by the largest order of mammals – a rodent. In one of those shots that has a success rate of 14 billion to one (as said by Dr Strange), this game changer rodent/mice just happened to pass the exact spot on the tunnel’s control panel, making Ant Man bounce back into the world!!. What if the mouse choose another path? And what if someone from the chain of events that followed failed? What if the van was not kept in storage and somewhere else? gone with the garbage recycle process?.. Whatever be the case?.. Without that mouse –  Thanos’ defeat was impossible.

How interesting, MCU biggest triumph on screen with an army of all its power – super heroes is triggered by a ‘mouse’… yes Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment in 2009… and we all know the mascot of Disney is our beloved Mickey Mouse… was that mouse the ever endearing Mickey!!?. The superhero of AVENGERS : ENDGAME…

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