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‘GoT’ actor Isaac Hempstead Wright on new sci-fi thriller ‘Voyagers’

Actor Isaac Hempstead Wright, says his upcoming sci-fi thriller "Voyagers" has a cool concept

Actor Isaac Hempstead Wright, best known for his role of Bran Stark in “Game Of Thrones”, says his upcoming sci-fi thriller “Voyagers” has a cool concept. “Voyagers” explores the repercussions of taking away feelings and emotions from a bunch of youngsters tasked with saving the human race. The film features Wright in the role of Edward, a pragmatic and chillingly calculative character.

Wright said, “I thought it was a really cool concept because in the real world this is something that we’re going to have to think about if we are ever to send a human mission into the depths of space.”

He added: “Edward’s one of those sort of quiet slightly weird characters, I’ve always liked how still he kind of is, and the fact that he’s just focused on the data, even when people start breaking down and going a bit crazy! The fact that he’s a character who is evidence-based and focused and just loves the data, it’s quite a fun thing to get to play.”

Also starring Collin Farrell, Tye Sheridan, and Lily-Rose Depp among others, “Voyagers” will be released in Indian by PVR Pictures.

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