Kaley Cuoco jokes she is 'mom of the year' after planning daughter's b'day

April 25, 2024
Kaley Cuoco has called herself 'mom of the year'.

Kaley Cuoco, who is best known for playing Penny in the sitcom ‘Big Bang Theory’, has called herself ‘mom of the year’. The 38-year-old actress gave the title to herself after she planned her daughter’s first birthday party all by herself.

Cuoco welcomed baby Matilda into the world last year with Tom Pelphrey and admitted that when it came to marking the little one’s first birthday, she took it upon herself to become “mom of the year” by throwing a Disney-themed party, reports ‘Female First UK’.

The actress told Access Hollywood, “I planned a Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party. I did it all by myself, I was mom of the year. All by myself, swear to God, on my own! It is shocking because I’m not great at stuff like that but, no, I did it.”

According to ‘Female First UK’, the former ‘Big Bang Theory’ star also joked that she is “very proud” to have made it to a year and said that everything should now be plain sailing until her little girl reaches adulthood.

She said: “I’m very proud of making it to a year, I feel like it’s going to be so easy now. The next 17 years are going to be nothing.”

The actress had previously shared that Tom and she end up getting emotional at every small milestone with their daughter.

She told ‘People’: “Tom and I were sitting with Matilda the other day, and she was literally staring at us, and she touched both of our faces, and just gave us this innocent, just really joyful, ‘Hi’ smile. I mean, I could cry right now. We both looked at each other and we started tearing up. He goes, ‘Is this our life now, where we just cry at everything she does?'”

Cuoco has four dogs named Ruby, Opal, King and Blue, and she joked that little Matilda had been “thrown to the wolves” upon her birth and thought she might have to “send her back,” had the tot not gelled with her canine companions.

She said, “Oh my God, she got thrown to the wolves literally. After she was born, I’m like, ‘If this child doesn’t like dogs, I might have to send her back. There’s no choice. This is your life. This is it. They have jumped on her. They have crawled across her. We have let them lick her, kiss her. Our paediatrician was like, ‘It’s okay.’ So they love her so much.”

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