Jeremy Renner reveals go-to breakfast he likes to make for his daughter

Hollywood star Jeremy Renner likes to spend time in the kitchen making his 10-year-old daughter Ava Berlin’s favourite meal.

Hollywood star Jeremy Renner likes to spend time in the kitchen making his daughter’s favourite meal. The actor, 53, shared he enjoys crafting breakfast for his 10-year-old, Ava Berlin, reports People magazine.

“She’s a waffle girl. She definitely is into her waffles,” Renner, who shares Ava with ex Sonni Pacheco, said. “That’s mostly what she’ll eat in the morning.”

As for whether or not his preteen will ever add toppings like chocolate chips to her waffles, the Marvel star notes, “Maybe sometimes. Not all the time. Once in a while, on the weekends with her cousins.”

As per People, in his upcoming Silk Super Bowl commercial, Renner dances, leaps and roundhouse kicks his way through a very important task: making breakfast for Ava.

“It’s her first job ever! (We) put her to work early”, the ‘Hawkeye’ star jokes of casting his real-life daughter. For Renner, the chance to partner with Silk for the company’s first-ever Game Day ad was a no-brainer, as he’s a fan of the plant-based milk brand, and used it to make protein shakes while recovering from his 2023 snow-plough accident.

“(Silk is) all about wellness, and I’ve gotten pretty into that because it’s forced upon me as a part of a lifestyle, which is great”, he said. “I’ve become so healthy now.”

Back in January 2023, Renner broke over 30 bones and underwent multiple surgeries after his snow-plough ran him over while he was helping his nephew get a stuck vehicle out of the snow at his property in Reno, Nevada, on New Year’s Day.

Earlier this month, he expressed his love for his daughter through a post on Instagram, in which he described her as “reason number one”, for his recovery after the ordeal. “I asked her to ‘wait for me’ when I first saw her on January 14 as I arrived home”, Renner said. “As I got better, she got better, less afraid. There is simply no better motivator to recover than to heal your family and friends.”

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