Asees Kaur, Goldie Sohel’s ‘Khayaal’ talks about love & it’s purest emotions

February 8, 2024
Asees Kaur, Goldie Sohel's ‘Khayaal’, an Artiste First release is a new age ghazal that talks about love, emotions and much more.

Asees Kaur and Goldie Sohel are not only match made in heaven but surely a match made in musical heaven! May it be Asees’ spellbinding voice or Goldie’s mesmerising vocals, fans are always gaga over the melodious pair. The talented husband-wife duo have now come together for a love song straight from the heart. An Artiste First release, ‘Khayaal’ is a new age ghazal that talks about love, emotions and much more.

A tune tailor made for Valentine’s week, ‘Khayaal’ sees Asees Kaur at her sublime best. Conveying the raw and pure emotions of a person who wants to live and breathe alongside her lover, Asees is seamlessly complemented by Goldie Sohel, who weaves his own distinct charm in the song.

Composed and written by Goldie Sohel, ‘Khayaal’ is simple in essence yet profound in meaning. With emotion filled lyrics like ‘Mainu tere kol rehn de’, it brings the magic of ghazal in a modernised composition to a new generation. What makes the tune very special is how it touches our heart and encourages us to embrace true feelings and raw emotions.

While Asees Kaur is admired by countless fans around the world for superhit songs like ‘Ve Kamlaya’ , ‘Hui Malang’ and ‘Raataan Lambiyan’, Goldie Sohel is a much loved singer-songwriter who has crafted chartbusters such as ‘Aaj Sajeya’, ‘Bairiya’ and ‘Kareeb’.

Embodying the soulful theme of the modern yet classic genre ghazal style, ‘Khayaal’ also boasts of a music video that captures the real essence and spirit of their love towards each other. Featuring Asees Kaur and Goldie Sohel, the visuals of the video add another layer of emotion to the track. Directed by Jomin Vergese, the music video who has given famous hit like “Tum Kehte Ho” by Sunidhi Chauhan is as unique and pure and has captured both of them in real time.

Talking about her latest release, Asees Kaur said, “When I first heard Dil Da Khayal in Goldie’s voice which was released couple of years back, I was immediately attracted to it. I was somehow jealous why didn’t I sing it in first place. And now, to be part of its reimagination is an incredible opportunity. Khayaal is a song that blends elements of old school romance with the bliss of modern love. It is a tune that will appeal to youngsters, and connect with lovers of timeless ghazals”. And yes, it’s been a pleasure to work with my lovely husband who brings best out of me in my true-self.

Sharing his thoughts on the tune, Goldie Sohel said, “Khayaal is close to my heart because it’s a modern rendition of ghazal that can reach the next generation. It’s the song that has been close to my heart and now listening my beautiful wife Asees sing and present in its true form is magical. This is a tune about love and emotions, but it has been crafted in a way that has universal appeal. Khayaal will surely touch your beating heart the very moment you hear it.”

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