Shaurya Mehta’s music video 'Dil Ye Dilbarro’ has shades of SRK's 'Gerua'

April 25, 2024
Shaurya Mehta’s soul-stirring music video of 'Dil Ye Dilbarro' is receiving immense appreciation from listeners

Singer-composer Shaurya Mehta’s soul-stirring music video of ‘Dil Ye Dilbarro’ is receiving immense appreciation from listeners. The song’s music video features actress Srishty Rode, with female vocals by Rupali Jagga and male vocals and music by Shaurya.

The song’s lyrics, penned by Kaushal Kishore, emit strong vibes reminiscent of ‘Gerua’ featuring Bollywood megastar Shah Rukh Khan.

Shaurya emphasised Ladakh’s significance in the song, stating, “My new song ‘Dil Ye Dilbarro’ has turned out beautifully, and I find myself listening to it on loop at times. I believe it will resonate with many people. Ladakh plays a vital role. I love the mountainous destination and its picturesque locales, including Pangong, which was also the setting for the final sequence of ‘3 Idiots’.”

Explaining the decision to commence the song with him donning the Indian Army uniform, Shaurya shared: “We initiated the song with the Indian Army portion as I’ve always felt our troops sacrifice everything for us, including time with their loved ones, and Ladakh is a constant reminder of that. This is my second song we have shot there.”

Reflecting on his experience working with the talented team, Shaurya said: “The song is a co-creation with all of them. A solid team is needed, especially when you are attempting a major project. Srishty is talented and brings out her best on camera. Rupali is a wonderful singer, and her voice and feel elevate the song. Kaushal Bhai is a close friend and a wizard with words. Aslam Khan, the director, is also a friend and creative in bringing out the best from the cast. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this song with each one of them.”

The singer also mentioned that the song begins with lines inspired by Kashmiri poems before transitioning into Hindi.

Embracing spatial sound with Dolby Atmos adds an immersive dimension to the auditory experience, enriching the overall richness and depth of the music.

Shaurya also shared an interesting anecdote from the song’s shooting, revealing, “During the shoot, I carried Srishty across different shots, probably covering a kilometer in total on stones and sand in sloping terrain. I ended up with tendonitis and an interstitial sprain after the shoot. But it was all worth it after watching the video. No pain, no gain.”

Sharing his aspirations for future projects, the singer expressed his desire to sing for movies, web shows, series, and the OTT space.

“I have been misquoted before that I prefer one over the other, but I do want to see a Filmfare award in my hand someday,” he added.

While Srishty Rode praised Shaurya Mehta for creating a comfortable work environment, lyricist Kaushal Kishore acknowledged Mehta’s provision of complete creative liberty for achieving the best output.

Additionally, Rupali Jagga expressed her gratitude, stating that, despite her Kashmiri background, she had never sung something like this before.

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