After 'The Broken News 2', Akshay Oberoi says agendas still dictate news

April 25, 2024
Akshay Oberoi says the essence of journalism hasn't changed over the years.

Akshay Oberoi, who is awaiting the release of the second season of the newsroom drama web series ‘The Broken News’, says the essence of journalism hasn’t changed over the years.

The actor essays the role of Ranjith Sabarwal, who leads one of the rival news channels. The actor shared that he is a new addition to the show, starring Sonali Bendra and Jaideep Ahlawat.

Talking about the show, the actor said the second season is based on fresh material. He said, “Unlike the first season, which drew inspiration from the BBC show ‘Press’, Season 2 of ‘The Broken News’ is entirely original.”

Oberoi added: “It is not based on any prior material because, unfortunately, ‘Press’ did not warrant a second season.”

Sharing how the story for the second season took shape, Oberoi said, “We managed to secure a second season, making this a completely fresh story crafted by Vinay Wakul and Sambit Mishra. That’s what makes it particularly exciting — I believe original content always deserves attention for that very reason.”

Sharing his opinion on the change that the profession of journalism has seen in the face of the rising use of the Internet and social media, the actor said that he doesn’t think that profession has undergone a significant change.

Elaborating on this point, he said, “Even now, there are agendas dictating what news gets reported and what doesn’t, just as they were back then. My relationship with the media is quite healthy because I rely on it, and in turn, it relies on me. It is a symbiotic relationship, in my view.

“I don’t believe journalism has changed fundamentally. There may be more media outlets and content today, my personal interaction with the media has evolved. Initially, I thought I could simply pursue my work, and the media would cover it.”

The actor, however, was quick to add that he realised that’s not how things work and that actively engaging with the media is crucial for any artiste.

“I discovered that the media is crucial, particularly for emerging actors and voices seeking a platform,” Oberoi noted.

“That’s my perspective on it. If there’s one thing I’d like to see changed, it’s the trend of sensationalised negative headlines aimed at generating clicks. Often, these headlines do not accurately reflect the content of the article,” he added.

‘The Broken News 2’ is set to stream on ZEE5 on May 3.

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