Bigg Boss OTT 3: Naezy calls ‘You are my aapla maanus’ to Sai Ketan Rao

Every day fans are witnessing new drama in the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house.
July 9, 2024
Sai Ketan Rao and Naezy The Baa
Sai Ketan Rao and Naezy The Baa_pic courtesy Jio Cinema

Every day fans are witnessing new drama in the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house.

Letter Task Assigned by Bigg Boss:
Bigg Boss gave the housemates a task to write letters to those they wish to save. The letters were to be posted in a designated letterbox. Bigg Boss added, “Dekhte hain kon kisko bachata hain.”

Sai Ketan Rao’s Letters:
From Ranvir Shorey: Sai reads Ranvir’s letter which expressed deep appreciation for Sai’s friendship, calling it a source of strength and considering it an invaluable part of his stay in the house.
Quote: “Tumhari dosti Bigg Boss house mera hosla banaye rakhti hain jo aadar satkaar tum muje dete ho usse mein apne Bigg Boss house ki stay mein amulya hissa maanta hoon.”

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From Sana Sultan: Sai reads Sana’s letter which praises him as genuine and a complete gentleman, calling him the best friend she was searching for.
Quote: “Tum bahut genuine ho ek complete gentleman ho aur muje hamesha best friend ki talaash mein tum mil gaye jo talaash meri yaha puri hui hain.”

From Naezy The Baa: Sai reads Naezy’s heartfelt letter, describing Sai as a true friend who has supported him.
Quote: “Yeh chitti mere liye bahut special hain kyunki mere bhai nahi bheji hain Naezy The Baa – Tum ek saccha dost ho yaar tumne mera saath diya you are my aapla maanus yours forever Naezy.”

Shivangi Khedkar’s Surprise Visit:
Appearance: Sai Ketan Rao’s rumored girlfriend, Shivangi Khedkar, made a surprise appearance on the show, joining host Anil Kapoor on stage to support Sai.

Emotional Moment: Sai was visibly emotional upon seeing Shivangi.
Controversy Clarification: Shivangi defended Sai amid the controversy created by contestant Chandrika Dixit, aka Delhi’s Vada Pav Girl, over a massage. Shivangi explained that Sai’s offer was genuine and not of bad intentions.
Resolution: Chandrika later apologized to Sai on the show.

Identical Pendants: The identical pendants worn by Sai and Shivangi caught everyone’s attention, highlighting their bond.

Contestant: Munisha Khatwani was eliminated in the last episode.

The ongoing drama, tasks, and personal relationships in the Bigg Boss OTT 3 house continue to captivate the audience, making the show highly engaging and entertaining.

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