Bigg Boss OTT 3: Sana Makbul says ,”Main Naezy ke liye royi”

Sana Makbul expressed her feelings about loyalty and friendship during a conversation with Armaan Malik and Chandrika Dixit Gera in BBOTT3
July 4, 2024
Sana Makbul and Naezy_pic courtesy Jio Cinema

Day 12 of Bigg Boss OTT 3 brought a mix of emotions, heart-to-heart conversations, and evolving dynamics among the contestants. In a poignant exchange, Sana Makbul expressed her feelings about loyalty and friendship during a conversation with Armaan Malik and Chandrika Dixit Gera.

She revealed her disappointment in not receiving the same level of support she offered, particularly highlighting her emotional reaction to nominating Naezy. Sana’s statement, “Main yeh hafta woh notice kar rahi hoon kon mera dost hai….meri priority meri loyalty…Mujhe bura laga main uss din Naezy ke liye royi naa mere liye khada rehta nahi toh main ghanta idar kisike ke liye royu naa..Main royi hoon toh this is my person,” underscores her focus on identifying true friends in the house.

Bigg Boss OTT 3: Naezy confesses to Sana Makbul says, “Tumhare around mera mann lag raha tha Bamai”

The tension stemmed from an earlier nomination task where Sana and Love Kataria had to nominate fellow contestants. Love nominated Naezy but couldn’t defend him, which led to a heartfelt conversation between Naezy and Sana. Naezy expressed his feelings of disappointment, stating, “Dekho main kam dosti ki hain yaha par tumko main apna khaas samajta hoon…tum mere liye shayad khade rahenge…main theek ho jayunga kuch ghanto main.” He conveyed his sense of betrayal and his expectation of loyalty from Sana, given their budding friendship.

Sana, in her response, acknowledged Naezy’s feelings, saying, “You want to be angry with me..Main bhulti nahi hoon cheezein…” Naezy’s further elaboration on the importance of their shared city, Bombay, highlighted his emotional investment in their friendship: “Tum apne aap ko Bombay girl bulati ho toh tumko itna toh samajna chahiye tha ki Bombay wali public ko apun maan de…main tumhare liye khada hoon..Tumhare around mera mann lag raha tha Bamai.”

This candid conversation between Naezy and Sana resonated deeply with the audience, who have started shipping them as ‘NaeNa’. Fans are captivated by their bond, appreciating the genuine emotions and the loyalty displayed amidst the competitive environment of the show. The evolving relationship between Naezy and Sana adds an intriguing layer to the dynamics of Bigg Boss OTT 3, keeping viewers engaged and invested in their journey.

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