Disney+ will not show ads to preschoolers on new streaming plan

Streaming platform Disney+ has confirmed that it will limit total ad load to an average of four minutes of commercials an hour and preschool programming will not have any commercials whatsoever.

The company confirmed this to TechCrunch and added that the lighter ad load and no commercials for preschool content will be the plan for the initial launch.

Disney+ will have fewer ads than its sister service Hulu’s ad-supported tier, which shows ads for nearly twice as much time (approximately 7.4 ads), the report said.

Peacock service has about five minutes of commercials an hour, and HBO Max does not have more than four minutes of ads an hour.

Hulu was once known as the go-to AVOD (advertising video on demand) service, however, is now the company with the highest number of ads per hour.

“We are never going to collect data on individual kids to target them,” Rita Ferro, Walt Disney Company’s President of Advertising Sales, was quoted as saying.

Preschool children who use their own profile to watch the ad-supported Disney+ tier will not see any advertising. Disney+ has content that is considered brand-safe, which is very attractive to advertisers.

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