Kaun Praveen Tambe?: A saga of grit, willpower & survival

April 7, 2022
Disney+Hotstar released 'Kaun Praveen Tambe?', a story of self-belief in innate abilities of oneself and a conviction to make the mark in the world.

With the onset of the present IPL Season for the year 2022-23 Disney+ Hotstar has released ‘Kaun Praveen Tambe?’, a story of self-belief in innate abilities of oneself and a conviction to make the mark in the world.

Indeed the title is quite apt-Kaun Praveen Tambe?, as his story unspooled at a time when the hashtags, social media posts, etc., were still in its infancy. Making his debut on an international arena at the ripe age of 41, the time by which most of the cricketers hang their boots, he continues to play active cricket. It is a must watch for all the fans, aficionados of cricket, sports per se, and for all the people who dream, but allow their dreams to die as they grow up in life and are weighed down by the responsibilities and baggage of life.

For the current IPL Season (2022) Rajasthan Royals wherever they are playing, they are putting up a banner honoring their first captain Shane Warne under his leadership Rajasthan Royals won their maiden IPL. They also need to pay tribute to the skills of Praveen Tambe who injected a new lease of life into efforts of RR and put them on a course for respectable performance.

Kaun Praveen Tambe? underlines the role of a teacher or a guru or in the modern parlance, what we call as the mentor, who has the vision and the foresight to set the disciple on course by introducing mid-course correction. The famous quote of the film by the coach- character played by Ashish Vidyarthi- a bowler only needs an over to turn the fortune and the tide- underlines the importance of a guru, teacher or a mentor.

We may have skills, we may have self-belief, we may have the conviction as well, and we may also be oozing with talent, but the disciple on his own cannot do what a guru or the coach can see and fine tune! Praveen Tambe could never have achieved his greatness, were it not for the coach to point out his flaw, and the guru or the coach can provide suggestions. He cannot wield the stick to induce the change, but at the point of moment of reckoning, it indeed becomes a wisdom for life! Therefore, it is not an aberration when the hosannas are sung to the virtues of guru- bin guru gyan kahan se paaoon! Indeed if one does not find a guru wisdom would not dawn!

At the sub-text level Kaun Praveen Tambe? is also a cinematic tribute to the gully cricket, which is a cultural idiom of the life and is testimony to the spirit of Mumbai! Where else can one find individuals who for the sake of a match giving over an opportunity to appear for an interview for a job?

The attachment and passion with the gully cricket is the idiom that defines the life of an average middle class or lower middle class Mumbaikars. As home is hardly a 500 sq. feet abode where 4-6 people have to find a place for themselves, it is the streets that beckon and become the source of identity, the open spaces, which encourage the talent to prosper, and hones the skills for struggle! Vital skills of survival are learnt on these streets and the kind of platform that city of Mumbai provides, is not provided by any other metropolitan city of the country. No wonder, the sweet stories of success also come in large numbers from such habitats. And Kaun Praveen Tambe? is one such sweet jiggery soaked success story as it has the aroma of the soil, aroma of sweat, aroma of grit and aroma of survival.

Kaun Praveen Tambe? also drives home the points succinctly that if there is a fire in the belly and the commitment, then age also is not an obstacle. After all, where is another reference of such kind in the arena of cricket where a player has made his international debut at the ripe age of 41 years? Praveen Tambe also has created another history by being the first non- Caribbean Player to play in Caribbean league.

Kaun Praveen Tambe? should trigger a wave of film making from other remaining franchises of the IPL as each of the remaining franchisees has a character of the likes of Praveen Tambe whose fortunes changed after they were drafted into the IPL teams.

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