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‘Predator’ prequel ‘Prey’ to stream in summer 2022

‘Prey’, which is set in the ‘Predator’ universe with an Indigenous woman as its lead, will stream on Hulu in the US in summer 2022. In some international markets, it will stream on Disney Plus under the Starbrand, and in Latin America, it will premiere on Star Plus, reports

Reports about the existence of a ‘Predator’ reboot were out there, but its first look, title and the timing of its release were officially announced on Friday as part of its Disney Plus Day promotional event.

‘Prey’ is produced by Jhane Myers, and is one of a slate of films from 20th Century Studios.

It is directed by Dan Trachtenberg of ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ fame.

The Indigenous actor Amber Midthunder plays Naru, who according to Disney, wants to “prove her worth as a warrior”, and “certainly gets her chance when she comes face to face with the most dangerous hunter of all, the other-worldly predator”.

It’s not clear whether ‘Prey’ will be released in theatres.

The ‘Predator’ franchise began in 1987 with Arnold Schwarzenegger toplining the original title. Five more titles in the franchise have been released since then, most recently 2018′ ‘The Predator’ directed by Shane Black.

There were three other 2022 films announced Friday in the Hulu/Star cohort.

‘Rosaline’, a new take on ‘Romeo and Juliet’, is from the perspective of the character from the play who is discussed, but never appears: Juliet’s cousin Rosaline, with whom Romeo is in love. Kaitlyn Dever stars, and Karen Maine directs.

‘The Princess’ is an “irreverent action movie set in a fairytale world”, and further described as “Sleeping Beauty meets John Wick”. Joey King stars, and Le-Van Kiet directs.

‘No Exit’ stars Havana Rose Liu in what is characterised as a “harrowing suspense-thriller” in which the lead character is “stranded by a blizzard and forced to find shelter at a highway rest area with a group of strangers”.

It is based on the 2019 novel by Taylor Adams of the same name.

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