‘Chandramukhi 2’ new trailer combines supernatural horror, action, comedy

September 23, 2023
The new trailer for the Tamil film ‘Chandramukhi 2’ is out, and it shows an even more interesting narrative than the first one.

The new trailer for the Tamil film ‘Chandramukhi 2’ is out, and it shows an even more interesting narrative than the first one. Featuring shots of a hauntingly beautiful spirit of Chandramukhi and the lead protagonist Vettiyan, the trailer cuts back from past to present mixing supernatural thrills, action, intrigue and even comedy.

The P. Vasu directorial has a clear cut style, showing Kangana Ranaut as the beautiful court dancer Chandramukhi who in her true form is a raving and vengeful spirit, while Raghava Lawrence portrays the protagonist Vettiyan Raja.

‘Chandramukhi 2’ cuts between past and present, as a family moves inside a palace which is said to be haunted by the spirit of a medieval court dancer named Chandramukhi, who was once king Vettiyan’s favourite dancer before her death.

Throughout the trailer there is an increasingly greater element of tension, as one wonders what will happen next due to the spirit of Chandramukhi who is now vengeful for blood, just eagerly waiting to possess someone and draw out blood.

The trailer for director P.Vasu’s sequel is heavily reminiscent of ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’, though this time there is a very clear level of supernatural horror involved with psychological thrills, much like the 2007 Bollywood film and its 1993 Malayalam counterpart ‘Manichitrathazhu’.

Tamil actor Vadivelu largely acts as a comic relief, much like he is known in Tamil cinema asking bizarre questions, such as ‘Whether ghosts grow old or not’ and ‘Do they leave traces of their hair’.

So much like the first film which starred superstar Rajinikanth, there is a strong element of comedy present as well. However, the tension never dies as it shows some bizarre masala action scenes and dancing, all the while there is a horror score playing in the background making you wonder just what is going on.

P.Vasu’s 2004 original also had the same element of intrigue and this time too it knows how to grasp attention. Cutting to the past, it shows Chandramukhi dancing in Vettiyan Raja’s court. Raghava Lawrence plays the role of both the present-day Vettiyan as well as the old King of the past.

Apart from court dancing we also see snippets of Kangana Ranaut engaging in crafty swordsmanship, showing that her version of the character was beyond just a court dancer, and if the spirit indeed does exist, it is only more dangerous.

‘Chandramukhi 2’ will hit theatres on September 28, 2023.

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