Aamir Dalvi says he’s attracted to Satya’s accent…

March 1, 2024
Be it his dialogue delivery or character sketch, Aamir Dalvi loves playing 'Satya' in 'Dabangii Mulgi Aayi re Aayi'.

Be it his dialogue delivery or character sketch, actor Aamir Dalvi loves playing ‘Satya’ in ‘Dabangii Mulgi Aayi re Aayi’. The show has undergone a time leap and has a new star cast reprising the roles. “My character is completely different from how I am. I love the way he talks, and speaks, and I think these qualities strongly register with the audience. Honestly, the role of Satya is firstly, so powerful. The different kinds of shades and levels attached to it were what attracted me,” he says.

He adds, “However, it is pretty challenging, I would say. The scripts are written in a certain way with a certain dialect. Satya delivers his lines in such a different way. That is challenging, but it is fun as well. If I was the audience, what attracted me was first that they said the accent of Satya. Now he’s got a certain edge about himself. He addresses and carries himself in front of people, and interpersonal relationships with the wife, brother, mother, sister and so forth, are what would attract me as an audience for Satya.”

Meanwhile, working with a good team has always worked for the actor. “I try to be my best, give my 210%, and be as focused as I can. All my co-stars, in all the shows that I have done, have been incredible. They’ve always got a new flavour, a new dimension to the characters they play. They’ve shown me new ways of looking at my character as well. And that has always been a learning experience for me.”

Post leap, the actor says that the pressure is way up. “In this show, certainly validation is required post-leap. The cast is new, and it would be a big challenge to make a place in people’s hearts. It’s like when you start a new show,” he says.

He adds that working with producers Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot is a pleasure. “Nilanjana and Herumb are the first television producers who went out and asked me if I had an entourage. I think nobody in the industry has ever asked me in these 24-25 years of my acting span. It was the first note that we started on, and they were very welcoming. I would like to work with them in the future.”

“Personally, both of them are lovely human beings and great producers, and content creators. Not just the actors, but they care about every person who is on their team, right from the captain of the team, from the director to the last spot boy or the smallest runner, who’s available to send things across from one set to the office and so forth,” he says.

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