Aastha Sharma: My dad got teary-eyed watching me in bridal get-up in 'Neerja'

In the latest episode of socially relevant drama 'Neerja... Ek Nayi Pehchaan,' Aastha Sharma's character, Neerja finds herself at a pivotal crossroads

In the latest episode of socially relevant drama ‘Neerja… Ek Nayi Pehchaan,’ Aastha Sharma’s character, Neerja finds herself at a pivotal crossroads, facing the prospect of an unwanted marriage with Abeer (essayed by Rajveer Singh).

As the scenes unfolded on set during a wedding sequence, something truly magical happened, leaving everyone present touched and emotional. Aastha’s real-life father, who was present during the shoot, couldn’t hold back his tears as he witnessed his beloved daughter stepping into the bridal avatar for the show.

The heartfelt moment became a testament to the deep bond shared between a doting father and his talented daughter, making it a memory to cherish forever.

Sharing her sentiments about her father, Aastha said: “My heart was deeply moved when my real and reel lives merged in a beautiful moment on the set of ‘Neerja’. That happened when my father got teary-eyed right after he saw me in the bride’s get-up.”

“Every day is about making my parents proud and watching my father’s pride while the wedding sequence was being shot was a dream come true. My father is my hero, and I love him for the way he keeps everyone together. No one can ever imagine the kind of sacrifices each parent makes to provide for their daughter’s upbringing and wedding. I hope every Neerja in the country recognises the love of her parents and gets the chance to make them proud,” she added.

In the upcoming track, viewers will witness Neerja finding herself entangled in a complex situation, wherein Didun (played by Kamya Panjabi) takes on a mission to sell Neerja off to the highest bidder. However, just when it seems all hope is lost, a ray of light shines through as Abeer steps in to intervene in the auction and becomes Neerja’s unexpected saviour.

The plot thickens as their fates intertwine, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for Neerja and Abeer. Only time will reveal what destiny has planned for both.

The show also stars Sneha Wagh as Protima.

‘Neerja’ airs on Colors.

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