‘Angoori Bhabi’ Shubhangi Atre reacts to Vidya Balan’s video

January 23, 2023
Vidya Balan is seen enacting one of Shubhangi Atre Angoori Bhabi’s dialogues from the show ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain' and captioned it, Angrezi Ek Sensuous Bhasha Hai’.

Shubhangi Atre aka Angoori Bhabi from the cult comedy show Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, has been the audience’s favourite for her impeccable comic timing and innocent persona. She often misspells English words and, when corrected, instantly quips her famous catchphrase ‘Sahi Pakade Hain’, which has become a rage. And now it seems her hilarious misspelt English words and the catchphrase has caught the attention of one of Bollywood’s most talented actresses, Vidya Balan.

The actor recently took to her social media to post a reel of Angoori Bhabi that caught many eyeballs. In the video, Vidya is seen enacting one of Angoori Bhabi’s dialogues from the show ‘Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain’ and captioned it, Angrezi Ek Sensuous Bhasha Hai’.

Reacting to this viral video, an excited Shubhangi Atre, Angoori Bhabi, said, “Vidya Balan is not only a very talented and versatile actress but also a trendsetter. I have always idolized her. She is so graceful and artistic, and most of her roles have inspired me a lot and have been one of my favourites.”

She further added, “The moment I saw the Angoori reel, I was so thrilled! Honestly, I felt motivated and excited to see an actor of her stature enact a funny dialogue of Angoori. It induced a sense of achievement and filled me with immense joy to see the popularity of Angoori’s character. It truly made my day! I immediately shared the video with my friends and family. Quite a few people on sets came running to me to tell me about it.”

“My dialogue, ‘Bharbhuti Ji Aap Mujhe Sensuous Kar Rahe Hai’, has been quite popular, but Vidya Balan’s reel made it go viral, and I cannot thank her enough. It will be an honour and delight to shoot a special and exclusive reel on Angoori’s quirky dialogues with her someday. I love the kind of reels and content Vidya Balan posts on social media. My fans will be thrilled to see us together (laughs). I am grateful for all the love and appreciation I am getting for the role of Angoori Bhabi from my fans, friends and family. I promise to keep my audience entertained with funnier tracks and dialogues in the days to come. So, keep watching your favourite Angoori Bhabi in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai at 10:30 pm, every Monday to Friday only on &TV!” Shubhangi concluded.

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