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Arhaan Khan ensures boosting immunity during Ramadan

"Bigg Boss 13" housemate actor Arhaan Khan says that he is making sure to take care of his immune system amid the ongoing pandemic

“Bigg Boss 13” housemate and actor Arhaan Khan is currently fasting for Ramadan. However, the actor adds that he is also making sure to take care of his immune system amid the ongoing pandemic. “I enjoy fasting every year. However, since last year, I fast but also make sure to have a very good immune system. As Covid-19 is here, we need to be careful about our health. I make sure to eat fruits as these help in strengthening the immune system,” he says.

Arhaan also opens up about the significance of Ramadan in his life. “The festival has had a great significance in my life since childhood. As it is considered to be one of the holiest months. It is believed that the holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad during the month of Ramadan. Fasting is encouraged as it is believed to promote self-reflection. During the fast, we do not eat or drink anything,” he says.

The actor adds that you are also expected to have a positive attitude during these days.

“Emotions like anger, jealousy, sadness are discouraged during roza. At dusk, when the evening call for prayer is announced, we break our fast by eating dates and drinking water. This time is called Iftar. A regular roza day is usually spent praying and reading the Quran, along with doing other activities of day-to-day life,” he says.

Arhaan Khan has featured in the fiction drama “Badho Bahu” as well as the reality show “Bigg Boss 13.”

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