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Madhurima Tuli: TV has tried experimenting but audiences have not accepted it

Actress Madhurima Tuli started her career in Bollywood with BACHNA AE HASEENO (2008) and later got noticed when she appeared opposite Akshay Kumar in BABY (2015). Since then she did few films down south and currently has been enchanting the audience with her portrayal of the lead role of Princess Chandrakanta in Colors TV series Chandrakanta.

In an exclusive conversation with Glamsham the actress talks about how it was a dream come true to play Chandrakanta. She also shared her views on future of digital media and why we need both content driven films as well as commercial no-brainer films. Read on…


How has the experience of playing a popular character Chandrakanta been so far?
Chandrakanta was an iconic show. I loved watching it when I was a kid. Actually I never thought then that Chandrakanta will be made again and I will be getting the opportunity to play the lead in it. It feels great playing a warrior princess. I am trying to bring my own version to it and I have so many disguise look like playing a man or an old lady. So it is like a dream come true role for me.

Were you always inclined towards taking up acting as a career?
I was an athlete however in back of the mind I always wanted to model. But I didn't know how to take it ahead. Destiny helped me in its own way and I ended up being a part of this industry.

Out of all the things you have done so far (ads, web series, films) which project was the most creatively satisfying?
I haven't done many films but by doing Chandrakanta I have lived so many characters that as of now this show has been very creatively satisfying for me, definitely ads too as I have got some beautiful ads which has its own charm. They are short yet the most engaging.

In this industry have you ever been on the receiving end of nepotism?
Well thankfully I haven't faced nepotism so far.

What are your views regarding digital media? Do you think they have the potential to overtake television and eventually 70mm screens?
Oh yes! The Digital space is really coming up with good content which the youth is really enjoying. I am not too sure if it will overtake 70mm but probably TV it may in the coming 4-5 years. Some web series are doing better than TV serials these days, it wasn't like that few years ago. So you never know what happens next.

Do you think Indian television is still relying heavily on regressive content rather than experimenting with new stuffs?
To be honest I feel TV has tried experimenting but the audience have not accepted it. They still enjoy the saas bahu drama. So what's the point wasting money on experimenting in TV? The makers instead prefer experimenting on digital space. But yet there are few producers who take the risk as it creatively satisfies them. Some succeed some don't.

As it’s a month of love what's your idea of a perfect romantic date?
My idea of a perfect date is to go on a long drive and then maybe for a candlelight dinner. Basically I would like to spend the time with my guy.

Most romantic thing someone has done for you?
Once I was shooting in Rajasthan and it was my birthday, this friend of mine came all the way from Mumbai to propose me on my birthday. That was really very romantic

A novel that you can read again and again and one song that is stuck in your head.
Honestly speaking I haven't read too many novels yet. But at this point I think it would be Meluha. And one song that is stuck in my head right now is ‘I'm like a bird’ by Nelly Furtado.

If given a chance what would be the two things that you would like to change about this industry?
Casting couch. If that's changed everything is good.

The year 2017 saw some super stars delivering super flop films (TUBELIGHT, JAB HARRY MET SEJAL) while small budget and content driven films walked away with all the accolades. So do you think it’s high time our stars instead of banking upon their stardom should start using their position to make more engaging films rather than relying on no-brainer entertainments?
I think we need both kinds of films. Yes it is high time they do more content driven film. But I am sure they are making an effort like Mr. Aamir Khan. But we do need a commercial no-brainer film as well. In these crazy times that we are living in such films relaxes your mind.

Sonam Kapoor recently said that we are light years behind of Hollywood when it comes to reporting about sexual harassment or talking about gender pay gap issue. Do you agree with her?
Yes I agree with her. It is a male dominating society. Still in our country if a girl is sexually harassed she will think ten times before complaining thinking ‘what if the man takes revenge for doing so?’ or ‘what if nobody marries her?’ or ‘log kya kahenge’?. This can only change once the girl gets an assurance that if anything happens to her, she don't have to think twice to complain as the law is there for her protection.

What’s next in the pipeline?
As of now I am too occupied with Chandrakanta. But in between I am taking out time for ads, short films. Once this gets over I will see what to take up next.

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