‘MasterChef India’: Aruna Vijay brings forth South Indian cuisine beyond idli, dosa

‘MasterChef India’ contestant Aruna Vijay from Chennai spoke about exploring South Indian cuisine and how it is not just confined to idli, dosa, and rice; there is a lot more in South India. She said: “Many people take south Indian cuisine for granted and believe we simply eat idlis, dosa, and rice, which is not the case. Having the chance to disprove this type of stereotype makes me feel elated. I am proud to be representing my home state. I will be able to evolve people’s mindset about Tamil Nadu and its flavourful cuisine. We really are a rich state, bursting with flavours and I am only but a medium of spreading the word about Tamilian cuisine.”

Aruna is now among the Top 15 contestants on the show. She added that it is a great responsibility to represent a state as what you prepare will be making a perception in the minds of people of what all eat in that particular part.

“There of course is the responsibility of representation and correct representation that I shoulder. It’s not only pride that courses through me when I think about my purpose on the show for Tamil Nadu but also immense love for my home. I feel like I invite viewers every day to my kitchen whenever I cook on the show and show them a glimpse into the culinary history of Tamil Nadu,” she added.

The chef added that there are times on the show when she is not happy with her preparation, and it is quite challenging to overcome the feeling of dissatisfaction and start again.

“There have been times when I am not happy with my plate and many times when I am and that goes to show how a cook really puts their blood, sweat and tears into plating their creation. I feel no less than an artist at work, painting with masalas and ingredients. No journey is without its hurdles and of course, I have foreseen my difficulties, but they only challenge me, my inner chef,” she concluded.

‘MasterChef India’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

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