Rishabh Jaiswal disappointed with ‘Roadies’ gang leader Prince Narula

Rishabh Jaiswal has reacted to being called a 'cry baby' and said that he is disappointed with gang leader Prince Narula

Rishabh Jaiswal, who is currently seen in the youth-based reality show ‘Roadies Karm Ya Kaand’, has reacted to being called a ‘cry baby’ and said that he is disappointed with gang leader Prince Narula.  Rishabh came into the spotlight after he participated in ‘Splitsvilla Season 14′ and later acted in TV shows ‘Anupamaa’ and ‘Kundali Bhagya’, and is disappointed with gang leader Prince Narula.

He said: “I have always tried to respect everyone in the show, be the contestants or the gang leaders. But Prince (Narula) sir has always made a false narrative about me that I’m someone who is manipulative, cry baby, double standard. And that has hurt me personally.”

“Earlier when I joined the show, I was his fan but now it looks like he is trying to create a negative image of me outside so that I can be voted out. He always said that a strong contestant should not be pulled out of the show, but on the other hand he’s always suggested his team to vote me out.”

Opening about being called a cry baby, he said: “I believe in speaking out and not being a victim. And if I’m speaking for myself, it is my right to do so and I’m not at all worried about how the people are going to judge me for this, I’m fine being called a cry baby.”

“But I can never stop to voice out for myself. I feel that’s how a person needs to be. Since childhood I’ve been contesting different challenges, be it in my school days or college or post that and now in reality shows. So whenever I feel something is going wrong or is unjustified, I voice out and that is my personality.”

“And here in the show, time and again people are plotting against me and gang leaders are supporting which is wrong.”

Rishabh added that a female contestant in the show literally tried to hit him and leaders didn’t take a stand.

‘What if it was vice versa, everyone would have questioned me. I’m completely fine being hurt, as it is part and partial of such reality shows but again I can’t allow someone to hit me intentionally. I’m slightly disappointed to realise that the show is getting partial. I’m still trying to be devoted and to not give up my patience.”

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