Rrahul Sudhir: To play a rich person on TV is the best thing

February 17, 2024
Actor Rrahul Sudhir said that playing such characters on television is the best thing.

Actor Rrahul Sudhir, who will be portraying the character of a wealthy guy Yug in the show ‘Dabangii-Mulgi Aayi Re Aayi’ said that playing such characters on television is the best thing.

Talking about his role in the show which has taken a leap of 14 years, Rrahul said: “Yug is a casual, typical hero and a typical main lead. He is charismatic and all things good but a little grey, which is fair right now. Eventually, it has a lot of twists and turns and has its own graph.”

“To be a rich person on TV is the best thing that can happen to anybody. You get good clothes to wear and good cars to drive, and it’s chic and spectacular,” said the ‘Rajaa Betaa’ fame actor.

He further said: “As far as the preparation for the role is concerned, I am still in the process of it. It’s a running show, and there wasn’t a lot of scope for contemplation and research.”

Rrahul accepted that whenever a show takes a leap, the new cast has a lot of performance pressure on them. However, he believes in going with the flow and giving his best, because the audience is going to judge them no matter how they perform.

He said: “When there is a new story or a leap or a new cast, the acceptance and the validation is the part and parcel that comes with the package. If you put too much thought into it, I think it hinders your flow as an artist. If the people don’t accept you, you can’t do anything about it, if they accept you, you still can’t do anything about it.”

“So at the end of the day, all you can do is try and give your best and that is more than enough. You need to have peace in your heart to be able to sleep peacefully or nothing else that should bother you as an actor,” added the ‘Ishq Mein Marjawan 2’ actor.

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