A bespoke sanctuary amongst Himalayan serenity: Pemako, Bhutan

February 27, 2024
Synonymous with ‘hidden lotus-shaped land’, Pemako represents a world whose rich stories are inspired by the beyul

New Delhi, Feb 27 (IANSlife) Synonymous with ‘hidden lotus-shaped land’, Pemako represents a world whose rich stories are inspired by the beyul – the remote sanctuary of the Himalayas.

The two stunning hotels – Pemako Thimphu and Pemako Punakha, promise to introduce one to the natural splendour of Bhutan known for its year-round pleasant weather, vibrant festive celebrations, and magnificent cultural history. These boutique luxury hotels are renowned for breathtaking views of the majestic Himalayan landscapes, intimate ambience, traditional Bhutanese cuisine, rejuvenating spa therapies, and myriad of nature activities with an essence of comfort. From opulent tents with private pools at Pemako Punakha to meticulously designed rooms and suites at Pemako Thimphu, every stay is a unique mix of traditional Bhutanese aesthetics, and modern comfort, ideal for a romantic escapade like no other. An idyllic destination to strengthen bonds and reconnect with oneself and your loved ones!

Here are four must-have experiences with your loved ones in the Land of the Thunder Dragon that vow to be an unforgettable, immersive experience amongst the Himalayas:

A Kaleidoscope of Culture, Colour and Heritage: Experience the festivities in Bhutan

Festivals are a grand affair in Bhutan, whether one plans to visit during spring or summer! One can experience the country’s rich cultural tapestry, through authentic experiences that unveil the kingdom’s traditions. Locals and guests are welcome to attend these colourful and exciting events with special mask dance performances, songs and culinary delights – making it a fantastic affair. The Talo Tsechu which will take place from 17th to 19th March is a 3-day festival known for its mask dances. In April, the Rhododendron festival from 13th – to 14th April – at Lamperi Botanical Park, 35 km from Thimphu will showcase different species of beautiful flowers that are in full bloom in their natural habitat along with local folk dances, cultural programs and exhibitions. Think enjoying delicious traditional dishes from the food stalls and shopping for souvenirs!

Besides, Pemako Thimphu hosts a special cultural programme each evening showcasing folk music and the sacred cham dance – lending a mesmerising glimpse into the local celebrations and religious feasts within the hotel. A distinct highlight is the opportunity to try out the traditional Bhutanese attires – The Gho (for men) and The Kira (for women), colourful dresses elegantly wrapped around the body and widely worn by the locals.

An amorous evening: Indulge in intimate dining experiences

At Pemako, one can embark on a gastronomic journey that transforms every dining experience into a cherished memory. Pemako’s skilled chefs have curated a distinctive menu celebrating the unique Bhutanese cuisine – incorporating fresh, local ingredients and catering to the most discerning palette. The exclusive dining experiences lie at the heart of the brand – and allow one to discover good food with good views in the lovely company of near and dear ones. Pemako Thimphu offers scintillating dining and lounging options – enjoy a bespoke cocktail made with Bhutan’s exquisite local liquor offerings at Ara – a stylish, mood-lit bar or indulge in European, Continental delicacies at The Thongsel. Perfect settings for an intimate dining experience! At Pemako Punakha, one can discover the region’s most authentic flavours and indulgences served in a heritage setting at Alchemy House. The culinary journeys are enhanced with themed private dining nights – from a romantic sundowner at the banks of MoChuu River with handcrafted cocktails, to a lavish barbeque at the picnic deck under a starlit sky.

The Chef’s Table offers an upscale private dining experience where one can see the chef at work, learn traditional cooking techniques, and enjoy great company and exceptional food and wine.

Rejuvenate, Revitalise and Reconnect: Exquisite wellness therapies in the heart of Bhutan

Pemako Punakha and Pemako Thimphu are an intimate haven for guests seeking a holistic escape for the mind, body and spirit – a decadent voyage where relaxation meets the poetry of togetherness. An array of activities across the hotels offers a great way to detox, and destress along with forging a stronger bond with loved ones amongst peaceful and tranquil spaces. One can unwind at The Lotus Realm spa which offers therapies centred on the ideas of re-establishing harmony and balance – drawing inspiration from Sowa-Riga, a traditional medicine practised in Bhutan. Amongst an array of offerings, the Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath is a unique one – a nurturing ritual that offers a modern touch of spa therapy transcending conventional treatments.

Discover the charm of Bhutan: From guided adventure escapades to exploring the vibrant city

The enchanting landscapes in Bhutan rightfully cater to nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts seeking the extraordinary. Spread graciously across lush land, Pemako Punakha allows one to embark on a serene experience in the comfort of the hotel – seize the day by hosting a prayer flag, an auspicious activity believed to carry blessings and happiness, sign up for an archery lesson or a guided visit to the monasteries and dzongs. The centrally located Pemako Thimphu is a leisurely walk away from the bustling streets selling traditional handicrafts, and local dining restaurants or a hike away from the statue of Great Buddha Dordemna overlooking the capital city. One will be mesmerised by the very beautiful, unique and exotic Bhutanese architecture imbibed on every building, inspired by mythical stories and nature. Pemako seamlessly blends Bhutan’s rich culture, and authenticity with top-notch luxury and comfort, offering an idyllic romantic escape. An ideal destination for the ones who are passionate about exploring the world hand in hand, offering love-filled experiences and cherishing unforgettable moments.

Essential travel requirements and policies for Bhutan:VISA policies, SDF fees and beyond

Bhutan has a unique visa policy designed to preserve its cultural identity and environment. Indian citizens do not require a visa to enter Bhutan, however, they are required to obtain a permit to enter the country. The Department of Immigration issues the entry permit after checking the valid documents of the traveller. Visitors from India can apply for a permit but must hold an Indian passport or an Indian voter ID card. For Indian nationals under the age of 18, a passport or a birth certificate can be used to enter and they must be accompanied by a legal guardian. The SDF (Sustainable Development Fees) for Indian nationals (showing a valid Indian passport or Voter ID card) is Nu. 1,200 (or the equivalent amount in Indian rupees) per person, per night. Children aged between 6 years and who have not yet turned 12 are eligible to pay Nu./INR 600 per night. Children who have not yet turned 6 years old do not have to pay any SDF.

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