Beauty queens get set for Miss World 2024

February 24, 2024
The reigning beauty queens shared some insights from their exceptional journey and experiences as they head towards Miss World 2024.

New Delhi, February 24 (IANSlife) The reigning beauty queens shared some insights from their exceptional journey and experiences as they head towards Miss World 2024. Victoria DiSorbo representing USA in Miss World 2024 shared her experience and purpose of beauty, while Sini Shetty representing India spoke her heart out, and Clémence Botino shared her fashionable beliefs with IANSlife.

Could you walk us through your prep routine: diet, fitness, personality training?

Victoria DiSorbo: Ofcourse, my preparatory honestly has a lot of self- discovery making sure you are feeling good, working out but feeling great and there is no dieting and maintaining healthy habits.

What is beauty according to you and how do you drive purpose in beauty?

Victoria DiSorbo: What is beauty if you don’t have a purpose, I think and one of my favourite stories ever told me that as women as pageant crowns we come with this very heavy stories and it’s very hard thing talking about and it’s almost like taking medicines and trying to give it somebody but our beauty and what we bring to table kind of sprinkle some sugar on the medicine so it’s make it a little easier to bring down to swallow. So we are able to get this incredible stories, conviction and purpose projects because of our beauty and how much we care what we are talking about and love for our porjects.

The beauty queens you look up to?

Victoria DiSorbo: There are so many, I love Vanessa Lynn Williams, you know in the Miss World organization, the women who have been crowned Miss World are exceptional women because of their works, dedication and consistency. So, it’s a complete honour to represent my home country and my home at the Miss World pageant and be surrounded by these women.

Could you walk us through your prep routine: diet, fitness, personality training?

Sini Shetty: It’s being a journey because at the end of the day you are not representing yourself but you are representing an entire country, prep has been great we have been working on our communication skills, walking, talking, the way we present ourselves making sure that India values the tradition are represented at the best way because it’s not just representation at Miss World stage but Miss World has come to India. So, we need to give the best of India to the world. Preparations has been at its best when it comes to food and dietry, I feel excercising and understanding what your mental health as well as physical health is important, the balance between the both of it and having good soul food so you don’t deprive yourself of food but you need to understand that your body need to be happy to function and survive, so it’s been the prep and it’s been an amazing 2 years journey and finally I am here.

What you want your fellow contestants to explore during their India experience?

Sini Shetty: I think it will take them good 10 years to do that if they want to explore the whole of India but for the time being they are here, I would love them to taste some Indian delicacies and they have already done that a few. They had the share of biryani, panipuri and much more and they really liked it and they have visited a lot of places in Delhi as well and I cannot wait for them to come to Mumbai, Mumbai is my city and that place holds a special place in my heart.

Lastly, your message for all the young girls aspiring to win a beauty pageant?

Sini Shetty: Do not look down on yourself, I know ambition is sometimes associated negatively just remember if you had head straight up in the game and you have ambition that touches your heart and soul. Believe in yourself and the world will wait for the wonders you do.

Could you walk us through your prep routine: diet, fitness, personality training?

Clémence Botino: I did a lot of sports and I have coach usually this routine is 3 times a week but for Miss World this was for 4-5times a week and I don’t have a diet to be honest I drink a lot of water and you know I am not like eating food out of the main meal like breakfast, lunch and dinner and I don’t eat slightly in between, I love food so it’s impossible for me to be on diet and I like great food that’s why I like Indian food.

What’s your idea of sustainable fashion?

Clémence Botino: We all have to learn that when you buy something like a piece of fashion something that you buy for you but for a lifetime. For example, everytime I buy something I imagine long time back my daughter could wear it and I am really wearing my mom’s clothes and I brought a lot of my mom’s clothes in India for the contest and I think we have to just value in everything as we are in the society where we see more of quantity than quality and sustainable fashion goes with quality so we have to make more aware of the material and fabric the people are working on and this is so important. I don’t buy fast fashion like stuffs anymore and I prefer to buy a beautiful piece that will go on to a legacy.

What you like about Indian fashion and if you are looking forward to work with any Indian designers?

Clémence Botino: I love Indian fashion and you know that right now it’s really trendy in France. For example, in Paris Fashion week you have a lot of Indian designers, I really like Rahul Mishra and he has also received some diction for his work and if this is Indian fashion I just want to wear like beautiful fabrics in Saree because I do have a saree in my wardrobe. So hopefully, I will come for Indian Fashion week as I hope so.

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