Easy Ways to Update Your Home Decor for Spring

As the season shifts, it's the ideal moment to add spark into your living space for spring.

New Delhi, March 23 (IANSlife) As the season shifts, it’s the ideal moment to add spark into your living space for spring. Opt for home décor accessories with natural materials like rattan, bamboo, or light wood, as they wrap your home in an embrace of springtime warmth. Add a burst of seasonal charm with an entirely new spring-inspired collection of décor items including centre pieces, and décor accents adding brightness and energy. Create a cozy retreat by setting up a flower vase, table lamp and interesting décor pieces.

To add even more charm, layer area rugs in a variety of textures and patterns. Not only do they provide warmth and depth to your floors, but they also create an inviting and snug atmosphere, perfect for savouring the delights of the changing season,” states Dhara Shroff Promoter and Head of Retail and Reema Shah Promoter and Head of Creative.

Prateek Sabharwal- Founder, Escape by Creatomy feels, “Spring is the season of change and it brings with it a lot of hope, cheer and vibrancy. For your home to exude spring, you can infuse freshness in many ways. Start with introducing some cool and comforting wall art that’s perfect for spring. Think in terms of artworks/wall prints in soft hues exuding spring vibes. Bring in natural elements such as woven baskets, wooden accents, or stone decor. These can add warmth and a touch of the outdoors to your home. However, should you be willing to include a piece of decor to your abode, we suggest going for Ottomans. From the vibrant Moroccan poufs to the minimalist Japanese zabutons, these seating and footrest solutions showcase unique design elements and reflect the rich heritage of their respective cultures. These vibrant Ottomans could be one of the coolest decor updates for spring.

Rithik Dhawan, Founder, Rococo Milano, states, “With the arrival of spring, why not give our houses a little makeover? Start by switching out darker furniture pieces for lighter ones, white or soft hues, to bring a peppy vibe into our space, making it feel brighter and more open. Also, don’t neglect your outdoor area! Dressing it up with weather-resistant furniture like cozy wicker chairs or elegant teak dining sets will make it the perfect spot for soaking up the sunshine.

Consider adding floral prints to your decor. Whether it’s through throw pillows, bedding, or even wall art, these little touches can brighten up a room and add a hint of. For a personal touch, why not create a gallery wall? Mix and match artwork, photographs, and mirrors to add visual curiosity and identity to your space.”

“For textiles, go for natural fibers like cotton, linen, or bamboo. They are breathable and eco-friendly, and also bring a snug vibe to your home.”

“If the entire city is bathed in spring’s beautiful colours, then why not your home? The ideal way to give your home a seasonal refresh is by using pretty planters with flowers and greens to get the much-needed dopamine. While the flowers do their magic, you can get some fresh cushions complementing spring colours. While you’re at it, adorn your walls with some new wallpapers or wall art to enjoy spring in all its glory. Spring is also the time to prepare for harsh summer months. We suggest going for wall fountains in sizes according to your house. Water bodies are the best to bring in cool comfort to your house even as you adjust to the change in temperatures,” affirms Brijesh Bansal- Founder, Stone Art.

“As spring brings along a season of joy and happiness, it’s the perfect opportunity to fill your home with its brightened spirit. Decorating your home according to the season’s elements not only makes your space look better but also enhances the overall ambiance, reflecting the freshness and liveliness of spring ” states Anushka Ahuja- Co-founder, Studio by Agni.

She also believes that, “You can welcome the energy of the season by incorporating bright-coloured rugs that mirror the joyous hues of spring. Opt for large floral prints, beautiful embroidery, and vibrant patterns to bring the beauty of nature indoors. These elements add a burst of color and life to your space, uplifting the mood and creating a bright atmosphere for family and guests.

With these simple additions, your home will be transformed into a retreat that reflects spring, where every corner radiates with the warmth and happiness of the season.

Shuchita Sancheti Garg- Founder and Creative Director, vVyom by Shuchita states, “As winter gives way to summer, spring brings in a burst of colour and life. As the trees and flowers bloom, the season is all about joy and gaiety. If you want to give your home a seasonal refresh, start with a proper spring cleaning that can do wonders for your home. Declutter, organize, and deep clean to create a fresh and inviting space and fill your home with flowers and plants to liven up the space. Consider overhauling your table settings to reflect the season. Think pastel-colored tablecloths, placemats, and dishes for a fresh and inviting dining area. It’s also the right time to change heavy winter bedding for lighter options. Choose breathable fabrics in lighter colours to create a vibrant spring bed.”

–By N Lothungbeni Humtsoe

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