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Five lessons we learnt from @goddesswrites

Lessons. Just like love, are everywhere if we have to say it in a poetic way. Why? Because these days, people seem to be learning from ‘poetry and prose’ as well. Don’t believe us? We’d insist you to check out this beautiful Instagram account @goddesswrites. Yes, you read that right. A mysterious girl is sharing the simplest of her secrets to freedom, self-love & moving on in a form of delightful content. If you are wondering how that can be possible, we are sharing some of our personal favourite lessons learnt from her well curated reels:

Nothing is permanent, not even pain:
Change is difficult. No matter what area of life, our mind and heart often goes back to what’s been ‘known’ and many times that is the reason we find it so hard to tell ourselves “you deserve better”. We cling to it & hurt ourselves because our overthinking minds are consumed in anticipating the pain of ‘letting go’ and all the uncertainty. In one of her reels, the goddess (as that’s what she calls herself and every woman) reminds us that the pain of letting something go and stepping into the unknown will not last forever. We will learn to embrace new versions of ourselves as well as of people around us.

Don’t blame love:
We all have done this, isn’t it? At some or the other point of time, when “things didn’t work out” or “something went wrong” or “people changed”, we often labelled love as corrupted, complicated, difficult, or simply not for us. She prompts us that it is not ‘love’ that is at fault but we who were engulfed in our insecurities and incapability of experiencing love at its full capacity.

Protect your love:
With a beautiful metaphor of a jigsaw puzzle, the goddess wants us to remember that falling in love isn’t enough. Being in love & working towards ‘staying in love’ is more important. We need to outgrow our old patterns, beliefs & ways of loving as well as being loved. That is how you protect your love. That is what it takes to experience “the love” that makes you forget the world while creating your own.

Keep Loving:
We all have heard of this phrase “what goes around, comes around”. But did we ever truly believe it? Especially when it comes to love? Not really. Every bitter experience, every heartbreak made us drift away from love. We decided to hold ourselves back, not expressing and not living fully. But in one of her posts, the goddess implores us to shake that belief off and keep loving freely. Keep giving freely. Because to give is to receive & the whole world needs it. So, keep loving.

You are your only help:
“You are your only help”. Something about this line is so captivating & empowering that it makes you take a pause and ponder upon it. With this line she urges us to awaken the divine force within, surrendering to your higher self that wants nothing but the best for you, that KNOWS nothing but the best for you. No matter what society tries to feed your mind with, you are capable of freeing yourself from all the conditioning & limiting beliefs. You don’t need their approval, you don’t need them to support you. YOU are your only help!

Believe it or not, going through these posts will leave you with a sense of relief and serenity. Her words, articulation, visuals and choice of music are pleasing not just to eyes but also for the heart. In the times where people can’t stress enough on the aspects such as looks & identity, @goddesswrites continues to spread love & sagacity anonymously.

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