Naushad Khan to collaborate with Darshan Raval for a new music video

Producer and founder of Indie Music Naushad Khan to collaborate with Darshan Raval for a new music video

Soothing songs from our favourite singer is everything that we need to live a great life. Don’t you agree? Now, who can say no to a song from Darshan Raval? Well, hold your breath, because eminent producer Naushad Khan has announced his latest collaboration with the singer.

We have known this producer for thrilling us with amazing music videos. He just launched a new music video, Toot Jaun, which is taking over the internet. Naushad Khan has also worked with Darshan Raval on numerous music videos, including his recent release, Piya Re. Besides that, the producer has also been contributing tremendously to the singer’s ongoing tour, Love-A Fair. And now, he has revealed about making a love song with Darshan Raval. Isn’t that amazing? We, too, are very enthused to know more.

Sharing his experience of working with this talented artist, Naushad Khan says, “It is always an incredible experience to work with Darshan. He is just extraordinary, and all the hype around his name is real. The way he adds his own flavour to a song makes it even more beautiful. He is an artist at heart and we can see that from all of his live performances and music videos. His voice is a blessing, and it makes you want to listen to him forever. His thought process while singing and producing the song is so unique that you never know what he will come up with next. He has also grown so much as a person.”

Naushad Khan and Darshan Raval share a brotherly bond, which is quite evident in their Instagram post. The producer said, “He is very close to me, and I cherish him not only as an artist but also as a human. He has this amazing aura around him, and you can easily be lured by him. He is very genuine, humble, and down to earth. You will never get a chance to see him in any sort of negative light. My relationship with him is like family, and he will always be my little brother.”

Besides Piya Re, Naushad Khan has also worked with Darshan Raval on his other music videos, like Tum Mere, Dhol Bajaa, Baarishon Mein, Goriye, Duniya Chhor Do, and many more. We hope that their bond gets even stronger with every passing year.

Naushad Khan started Indie Music in 2018 and has released numerous hit music videos like Bhula Dunga, Asal Mein, Ek Tarfa, by Indie Music’s poster boys Darshan Raval and Aameen, and Tabaah, by Karan Sehmbi and Gurnazar Chattha. We send our best wishes to the producer and hope he keeps amusing us with such harmonic tunes.

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