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Paresh Rawal: The extraordinary journey of ‘Dear Lottery’

In the realm of entertainment and Indian cinema, Paresh Rawal has emerged as a true legend, captivating audiences with his incredible talent and versatility. But now, he’s embarking on a thrilling new adventure as the Brand Ambassador for the Nagaland State Dear Lottery’s ‘A Ticket to a Better Life, for just ₹6’ program. This groundbreaking initiative shines a spotlight on the exhilarating world of lotteries and their life-changing impact on individuals from all walks of life, especially those in need of a light in their life and economic upliftment.

Paresh Rawal’s involvement in promoting lotteries is nothing short of a spectacle, a testament to his unyielding reputation and unmatched charisma. As a revered actor who commands both the silver screen and the political stage, his endorsement brings an unparalleled level of trust and authenticity to the ‘Dear Lottery’ campaign. It’s about transforming lives and igniting hope in the hearts of those who dare to dream.

The ‘A Ticket to a Better Life, for just ₹6’ program is not an ordinary lottery promotion. It’s an initiative backed by the Nagaland State Government, designed to be affordable and accessible to people from all walks of life. With live draw results ensuring transparency and trust, the DEAR Lottery has already turned over 2424+ fortunate winners into Crorepatis, turning their dreams into a reality. This is a testament that lotteries can provide a good life, even to those at the bottom of society’s ladder.

The recent news of 11 women in Kerala winning a ₹10 Crore jackpot through a lottery purchase of just ₹250 serves as a shining beacon of hope for those grappling with inequality. It showcases that dreams can indeed come true, and fortunes can change with just a small investment in a lottery ticket.

Guided by the visionary creative director Mr. Mohsin Khan, the TVC promises innovation and captivates viewers with its mesmerizing ‘Ghar Ghar Dear Dear Hi Dear’ theme. Accompanying him are the stars of Marathi and Bollywood – Mr. Prathamesh Parab and Miss Ritika Shrotri. The DEAR Lottery’s reliability is unquestionable, with live draw results ensuring trust and transparency.

The unique campaign of the DEAR Lottery ₹6 schemes, supported by the Nagaland State Government, encourages buyers to play and try their luck to become Crorepatis thrice. Esteemed figures like Mr. Paresh Rawal Ji, Mr. Mohsin Khan, Mr. Prathmesh Parab, and Mr. Mustaq Khan, with 400+ films to his name, are associated with this TVC. Their involvement epitomizes the Dear Lottery’s mission of turning common man’s dreams into reality.

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