Kriti Sanon believes in ‘old-school’ love

When Kriti Sanon made the revelation that she is quite “old-school” when it comes to the subject of love on the streaming chat show ‘No Filter Neha’

Actress Kriti Sanon, known for her upcoming film ‘Crew,’ has shared her perspective on dating apps, revealing that they are not for her. In an episode of the streaming chat show ‘No Filter Neha,’ the National Award-winning actress expressed her preference for traditional approaches to love, describing herself as “old-school.”

In a recent promo for ‘No Filter Neha,’ Kriti opened up about her personal life, shedding light on her ideal partner criteria. She stated, “I have told everybody around me that if you have anybody in mind, please let me know. I can’t do dating apps, I am a bit old school that way. I believe in effort, gesture, and romance.”

Elaborating on her preferences, Kriti emphasized the qualities she values in a partner, saying, “I need someone who is honest, loyal, extremely loving, and tall. I am not describing 7-8 men, it’s just one guy. I just need a robot I guess. Am I asking for too much, these are just the basics.”

‘No Filter Neha’ season 6 is currently available for streaming on JioTV and JioTV+, with new episodes released every Thursday.

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