Aditya Chopra on why they couldn’t make brother Uday Chopra a star

Director-producer YRFs Aditya Chopra comes out in the media and has shared his opinion on his brother Uday Chopra not becoming a star.

Director-producer Aditya Chopra of Yash Raj Films, who is known to be a very private person and seldom comes out in the media, has shared his opinion on his brother Uday Chopra not becoming a star. He said that privilege can only open first doors for actors in the film industry. After that, the audience decides whom they want to watch, admire and appreciate.

In the recently released Netflix docu-series ‘The Romantics’, the YRF honcho, said: “One of the things that people tend to ignore, is that every person who comes from a privileged background is not successful. I can articulate it without mentioning other people. I can just articulate it by mentioning my own family.”

He further mentioned: “My brother is an actor, and he’s not a very successful actor. Here is the son of one of the biggest filmmakers. He’s the brother of a very big filmmaker. Imagine a company like YRF who has launched so many newcomers, we could not make him a star.”

In conclusion, he said that only the audience has the power in showbiz to make someone a star.

“Why could we not do it for our own? The bottom line is, only an audience will decide ‘I like this person, I want to see this person’. No one else.”

‘The Romantics’ is streaming on Netflix.

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