Aniruddh Dave: Celebrities should look at media exposure with a pinch of salt

February 8, 2024
Aniruddh Dave who will be seen sharing screen with Kartik Aryan in 'Chandu Champion' says that media exposure should be looked at very carefully

The media glare can make or break you, says actor Aniruddh Dave who has been part of popular TV shows like ‘Patiala Babes’ and ‘Y.A.R.O Ka Tashan’ to name a few. The actor who will soon be seen sharing the screen with Kartik Aryan in his upcoming movie ‘Chandu Champion’ adds that such exposure should be looked at very carefully, and all details about your personal life must not be shared in the open.

“I feel like when it comes to media exposure, celebrities should look at it with a pinch of salt. While media coverage can take you places, it can also create an unfavourable image of you in front of your fans. Therefore, I feel like things which you feel can go the wrong way, must be fiercely protected. I maintain that it is entirely up to a celebrity to decide how much he wants to share,” he says.

He adds, “For me, anything to do with my personal life needs to be private. I try to make sure that this is protected. Rest of course, everything else in a celebrity’s life is public, and it will come out.”

He says that even though things have changed, there are many celebrities who refrain from sharing too much with the media or on social media.

“While many celebrities share their kids’ faces, many are anxious about the same, and don’t do so as well. I don’t blame them. Within minutes of the face reveal, there will be a million memes, a million comments and so much gossip around how the baby looks. No one wants that for their child. I can see so many personalities who are very professional at their work. And this also means that it is only details about their professional life that they share. They are dedicated to their families, they go on holidays, they celebrate festivals, but they never allow anyone to peep into their personal time,” he says.

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