Questioning Taylor Swift’s songwriting ability ‘like challenging someone’s faith in God’

March 1, 2024
Taylor Swift said that questioning the pop star's songwriting ability "is like challenging someone's faith in God".

Grammy-winning producer Jack Antonoff, who is a longtime collaborator with Taylor Swift said that questioning the pop star’s songwriting ability “is like challenging someone’s faith in God”. Talking about Swift’s songwriting ability, Antoff said it “is like challenging someone’s faith in God. You just don’t go there.”

“I’m a little… sometimes. But you come after my friend Taylor, you’re toast to me.”

Damon Albarn, the frontman of Blur and Gorillaz, had ignited outrage among Swift fans, fondly called Swifties, in 2022 after he said that the ‘Blank Space’ hitmaker “doesn’t write her own songs.”

“A really interesting songwriter is Billie Eilish and her brother,” Albarn said at the time, as reported by

He added: “I’m more attracted to that than to Taylor Swift. It’s just darker — less endlessly upbeat. Way more minor and odd. I think she’s exceptional.”

This made Antonoff take to Twitter around the time to post: “I’ve never met Damon Albarn and he’s never been to my studio but apparently he knows more than the rest of us about all those songs Taylor writes and brings in. Herb.”

Antonoff in his latest interview also hit out at one of Swift’s longtime foe and rapper Kanye West, saying he “just needs his diaper changed so badly.”

“It’s been a long time since I would’ve taken Kanye’s call. I’m so incredibly bored when someone doesn’t have the sauce anymore, so they go elsewhere to shock. It’s just a remarkable waste of space,” he said.

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