'Saltburn' actor Jacob Elordi accused of assault

February 6, 2024
The ‘Saltburn’ actor Jacob Elordi has found himself at the centre of a police investigation after he allegedly assaulted a man.

Actor Jacob Elordi has found himself at the centre of a police investigation after he allegedly assaulted a man. The ‘Saltburn’ star reportedly became involved in an altercation with a radio star outside of a hotel in Sydney over the weekend, reports ‘Mirror.co.uk’.

Police have since confirmed that they are investigating an alleged assault by a 26-year-old, for which they have seized CCTV footage.

Joshua Fox, who appears on Australia’s KIIS FM approached the actor outside of the swanky Cleverly Hotel in Sydney and had hoped to question him but things took a drastic turn. Manchester UK-born Josh, 32, had asked Jacob if he could fill a jar with his bathwater, referencing the infamous ‘Saltburn’ scene.

As per ‘Mirror.co.uk’, Jacob was said to have been “offended” by the question before “getting in his face”. Josh claimed that Elordi, who is a whopping 6 feet tall, pushed him against a wall before his pals surrounded him.

Elordi is said to have demanded that Fox delete the footage of him being asked the question. Speaking to his co-stars, Josh said: “He’s in the beer garden, I don’t want to intrude on his personal space, I know how this works.”

He added: “I’m holding the Tupperware in one hand, my phone in the other so it’s clear I’m filming,” before Josh admits he stopped filming after Elordi’s request.

Josh continued: “He kind of gets up in my face and he’s so close, someone is standing over you and he’s a lot taller than me. I could have kissed him, he was that close. I’m backed against this wall and he’s right in my face and these two boys are either side of me. I’m feeling quite intimidated and Jacob demands I delete the footage, and I say, ‘Yeah that’s fine, we’re not going to use it’, I said ‘I’m sorry’, I can’t step away.”

He further mentioned, “Jacob goes ‘Yeah go into your recently deleted’, I’m thinking ‘Something is going to happen, I can’t move, they’re all surrounding me to this wall’, it was kind of scary, I don’t get into confrontations. I’m thinking if I delete this footage, there’s no evidence that this encounter happened.”

“Jacob kind of flips his hands, he pushes me against the wall and his hands are on my throat,” he alleged.

He went on to say that “one of his boys” pulled Elordi off of Josh as they became aware that things may escalate.

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