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London Dreams Music Review

Dreams, aspirations…expectations! Bollywood biggies have always raised the expectation meter high, and with the likes of Vipul Shah, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (S-E-L) and Prasoon Joshi in the credits, there are gargantuan expectations from it. Riding on substantial success of WAKE UP SID, S-E-L have a major kill on their hand with rock-music as the flavor of this 'east-meets-west' musical saga.

Fuelled with immense face-value (Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and Asin) and directorial expertise of super-successful director Vipul Shah (NAMASTEY LONDON), this one is likely to be a big musical bonanza. Himesh Reshammiya did it splendidly for Vipul Shah in NAMASTEY LONDON; can S-E-L's rock-mania be able to repeat the feat? Can LONDON DREAMS be first major hit of this season from the triumphant trio? Let's get into this dreamy journey that promises bravura of efforts with varied rhythms, sounds and beats mixing together for some delightful entertainment. Get, set…go!!!

From the urbane-rock-ing blast to arena-rock mania, experimentation is the 'mantra' that worked for S-E-L and the fusion works are all here again for thrills in 'Barson Re'. Like its melodic theme, this energizing soundtrack pulverizes angst filled electric guitar strumming with hysterically emoted vocals of Vishal Dadlani and Roop Kumar Rathod. Prasoon Joshi's lyrics sticks to the tempo rather than being poetic with Punjabi folksy touches, with added 'Hanuman Chalisa' verses (….big surprise!) to give it a boosting ethnic feel.

This S-E-L composition has arrangements similar to a couple to tracks of JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM, but it has that concert-arena rock musical feel in its raging electric guitar and rattling percussive feel. Despite being sticking to ethics to 'hard-metal' rock-maniac feel, this soundtrack works in lucid 'filmi' interpretations, with easy-on-ears wordings and the music that is overtly pulsating. Roop Kumar Rathod is a big revelation in 'rock-star' mold with edgy earthen vocals with Vishal maintaining his zany loud pitch. 'Barson Re' is like 'east-meets-west' rock concert track, with star-power zooming out with eye-captivating visuals in its cinematic backdrop.

Get ready for some quirky 'n' jerky 'shudh-Hindi' lessons with catchiness and peppiness in folklore based arrangements making 'jugalbandi' with engrossing sounding Shankar Mahadevan, making it mischievously witty in playful 'Man Ko Ati Bhavey'.

This comically staged song has Prasoon Joshi's ultimate dexterity in verbatim and glossary that carries hilarity in romantic expressions and is in sync with Bharat Vyas's style of spontaneous poetry ('Are Ja Re Hat Natkha' from NAVRANG -1959). Shankar seems to be enjoying this 'spur-of-the-movement' thrilling track that has dazzling backdrop of scintillating European locations.

The fun-frolic gets into disco thriving-jiving moods with DJ A Myth getting folksy sounds collage with disco beat fillers in synchronized manner in its 'club-remix' version. A 'remix' that is well suited for festive seasons and is fully energized with Shankar's enthused vocals clubbed with racy DJ spins and scratches…Peppy to the core!!!

S-E-L forays into Punjab rural folklore based music that is fuelled with electronic sounds and rock based elements to deliver out another thumping track 'Tapkey Masti'. It brings out upcoming Feroz Khan (…sounding similar to Labh Janjua) with his screeching baritones mixing well with impressive sounding western cum 'bhangra' based arrangements.

Prasoon's lyrics again scores well but it's the variation of tempos in the composition that impresses the most and inundates folksy 'masti' and compassion for listeners. 'Tapkey Masti (remix)' has that spunky UK based 'bhangra-beat' culture mood with its hip-shaking fillers getting along with 'Oh-yeah' enthused chorals and loud 'dhol' drumming. Feroz's vocals splurges out with energized 'dhol' cum 'club' mood musical thrive and set the floor on raptures in its eclectic thump. Energizing!!!

ROCK ON band stands up again and they picks up well with the amalgam of distorted electric guitar, rattling drums and chorals to deliver out spirited out concert track 'Khanabadosh'. Like upcoming Feroz Khan, Mohan's voice is a big surprise and matches in expression and tempo of this rip-roaring track with mix and match of chorals in the backdrop. S-E-L show their fine edges and finesse in this rock genre with the fine tuning of synthesizers, trumpets sounds and keyboard fillers, accommodating well in the racy strums of electric and bass guitars to pump out a rollicking 'on-stage' track. 'Khanabadosh', a upbeat rock beat track is likely to be signature presentation of this flick that has 'rock-music' band as its theme and should be well accepted by all rock-music lovers.

'Khanabadosh (remix)' has the 'club-remix' grooves with fervent beat-juggling, DJ spins and roaring drumming that mixes well with vocals to drive listeners wild. Rocking!!!

Arjun and Manu are childhood friends living somewhere in Punjab. Arjun has a dream of performing at Wembley to a full house; Manu is content playing the fool in the village. Arjun's parents are dead against their son's choice of career. Things turn in his favour when Arjun's father passes away and his uncle takes him to London.

There (20 years later) he meets up with two brothers from Pakistan and sets up his band. Manu, in one of his conversations on the telephone, informs Arjun that he is getting married and Arjun flies down to Punjab, pronto! His first visit after he left for foreign shores (another of the 'script tease'). Here, he hears Manu singing and invites him too, to join his band. Once there, Manu steals the show with his singing and Arjun is sidelined as the crowds root for Manu.

Arjun's dream is shattered. What he dreamt for himself, he sees it happening to his friend. He plans the downfall of his best friend, as he cannot contain his jealousy. He vents his fury at Wembley Stadium when he does get to perform there. All that the crowd wants is Manu, while Arjun is belting out his number. Arjun on his part has made sure that Manu will never come back on stage.

The music is good while you hear it but the lyrics or tune is not something you will take home. A good opportunity lost for the trio of Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy.

Vipul Shah has garnished the film with some convincing concert scenes but its Salman and Salman alone who turns the table for LONDON DREAMS and makes it worth a watch.

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