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Teen Patti Music Review

In a materialistic world, money won is twice as sweeter as earned and therefore gambling is fancied internationally in different formats and styles. It takes its toll on B-town with style as Amitabh Bachchan and Ben Kingsley, leading thespians of two filmdoms leads this gambling 'n' grilling 'edge-of-the-seat' thrilling entertainer. The dark noir feel, deceitful escapades, changing fortunes, enthralling chases and beguiling mesmeric appeal sets the stage for a pack of haunting background scores. Salim-Suleiman, the proficient duo in sound engineering antics have the panache of creating the intimidating feel with varied tempos, timbre and sounds. Can their tuneful arithmetic of getting the desired rhythmical turbulence at intermittently dramatic phases be an added factor to make this 'poker-game' (TEEN PATTI) adventure, a visual spectacle? No big hopes, as these thriller demands more of daunting background scores than melodic treat on their platter. Let's be straight on their table and watches this game where music supports the 'killer' feel of this enticing 'n' thrilling extravaganza…

Voluptuous in movements, illusory in intentions and archetypically jazzy in tones, Sunidhi's racy voice streams out with volatile flows in 'Neeyat Kharab Hai'. Like seductively crooned 'Kaisi Paheli Zindagi' (PARINEETA), this is another ace up on sleeve for the songstress that has 60's smoothening jazz appeal. It has serpentine flowing accordion as pertinent hook-line that is clubbed in sluggish tonal textures of soft drums, trumpets and horns to create out sensuous bygone era appeal. Irshad Siddique's lyrics are plainly subjective in this quivering sensuous track that adds one more credible leaf in Sundhi's notable toils.

Abhijit Vaghani's DJ shaky moves mixes disco hip-hop grooves in its 'remix' version that works highly on energized beat-juggles than on jazz maneuvers. The vocal thump is mitigated up and down but the flashy disco beat buzz rules out in varying tempo. This highly promoted track with its lustrous feminine cum star value adds glamour and exudes out desired ammunition for the promotional buzz.

Salim-Suleiman shifts their mood as well as genre to impulsive rock-beat arrangements in impressive sounding 'Intezar Mein Chupa Kahi'. Naresh Kamath makes notable moves in his booming baritones that collage affably with stringed electric guitar riffs and electrifying percussions to give it 'rock-concert' outrage. For its philosophically woven lyrics, matched with racy rock-metal outrage, it sets up space for enthralling background score. Naresh's inspiring vocals in modulating tones works well and so do Pritam's stylized 'rock-concert' feel that lifts up the mood to dizzy high.

'Intezar Mein Chupa Kahi (remix)' works sporadically as promotional feature track with all accelerated tempos and sounds mixing well with racy rock-beats to create furor. For all rock lovers, this one is added treat but still not the finest in its league to create stir.

Dhruv Ganesh, Siddharth Kher, Vaibhav Talwar and Shraddha Kapoor who play the students caught in this game of greed are all excellent. Dhruv as Bikram, the student who needs money to fund his education plays his complex part with ease. Siddharth as Sid carries off the Johnny Depp look as well as his character effortlessly. However, it is Shraddha Kapoor, who makes her debut that steals the thunder. Confident and natural, she flits between the characters Aparna and Zeenat as though she is 20 films old. I last saw such brilliance in Farhan Akhtar the actor. Yes, Shakti Kapoor's daughter is a class apart and has announced her arrival with a bang.

Amitabh has used his vast experience to let the kids hog the limelight by strategically taking the back seat.

The film moves sharply between London and India and this is where Sir Ben Kingsly has been used as Perci Trachtenberg, the magician who Professor Venkat idolized.

Screenplay, Dialogues and costume deserve special mention as also the music by Salim- Suleiman. The track Neeyat has been powerfully choreographed.

Watch it for its casting, a young set of actors who deliver and a script that captivates.

TEEN PATTI; ready for the deal?

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