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Arjan Bajwa shares views on OTT giving 'competition' to Bollywood

Arjan Bajwa, who has gained popularity through his OTT shows 'State of Siege: 26/11' and 'Bestseller', debunks the myth that artistes

Actor Arjan Bajwa, who has gained popularity through his OTT shows ‘State of Siege: 26/11’ and ‘Bestseller’, debunks the myth that artistes on OTT do not become stars.

Besides gaining in popularity, the actor says that he has loved the work he has done on the medium so far.

“Good work is always adding feathers to your cap. Both my series has done very well and both were distinct from each other. And the best part is that both were based on books. I played author-backed roles which I am very happy with. Good work on hit films or projects will always bring you to the limelight and I think, for me, it’s important that all my work is remembered. I do projects which are milestones in my career,” he says.

“I don’t think OTT has given any thought of competition to Bollywood. It has opened a new avenue of storytelling which is great because there are many stories where you can’t convey an entire story in 2-3 hours as some stories need time. And that way OTT has been a boon for those storylines which should be shown in detail. So, there’s no competition; rather it has added value to all the stories.”

“Every actor now wants to do OTT because there are many different kinds of genres which are being explored, which are very interesting and very detailed. Sometimes, there are films that we don’t get a chance to be part of. Also, it’s not true that OTT actors are not becoming stars. Any OTT project or film which is a hit makes a star. An actor doesn’t become a star on his own, the project and work make them a hit. Similarly, there are many films which release and go without any trace.”

OTT shows and films are often touted to have bold scenes and crass language, and the actor says that these are all a requirement of the story.

“OTT doesn’t have any censorship but that doesn’t mean that just because there is no censorship, those scenes are put. They need to be part of the story, and, in most cases, they are. Thankfully, I’ve not really come across any stories where I have to do any bold scenes. A little bit of intimacy is shown in films and that is no big deal. Even my favourite film ‘Fashion’ had some scenes but it is all a part of the story. It is taking the narrative forward so no actor refuses intimate scenes as long as it is done in the right way,” he said.

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