‘Upload Season 3’ trailer shows collision of AI with real life

September 22, 2023
The sci-fi-rom-com series ‘Upload’ has now been renewed for a Season 3, with a new trailer just being uploaded

The sci-fi-rom-com series ‘Upload’ has now been renewed for a Season 3, with a new trailer just being uploaded. The new season of the popular sci-fi-rom-com series finds itself on a dramatic turn as AI collides with real life, as the AI generated Nathan tries to have a real life with his service handler Nora.

The trailer for ‘Upload’ has a very deceivingly standard American rom-com tone, and to the average person it will look like just another sit-com like ‘Friends’ or ‘How I Met Your Mother’. But ‘Upload’ has been very different conceptually.

For the unversed, ‘Upload’ is a sci-fi comedy series set in a distant future where death is not permanent, as the deceased can ‘upload’ their consciousness into a digital avatar in a digital afterlife, enjoying all the comforts of a new AI life called Lakeview, provided they can afford it.

The story starts off with Nathan Brown, a computer engineer who prematurely dies and has himself uploaded into a new digital avatar of his choosing.

There, while Nathan is living his AI generated life has all the memories of his old ‘alive’ self, finding himself under the thumb of his possessive real life girlfriend Ingrid.

Things begin to take a different turn as this new Nathan starts to bond with his real-life customer service handler Nora Antony which soon sparks into a romance, where digital and real-life end up colliding.

In ‘Upload Season 3’, Nora and the downloaded Nathan navigate their strange relationship while racing to stop the mysterious conspiracy that threatens to destroy millions of lives.

Questions start arising if they can break free of the multi-billion corporate of Freeyond, the company which does all the uploading, while wondering if they can ever have a real life together.

There is also the question of Nathan’s AI self, which due to being under the thumb of a corporation can also die out in his virtual reality afterlife.

Meanwhile, another story is also going with Lakeview, a backup copy of Nathan which has been activated and Ingrid’s not about to let this second chance at love slip away.

Going back to the real world, Aleesha rises through the ranks of Horizen by managing AI education, and falls into a new romantic relationship with the digital version of Luke, all alone in Lakeview and is forced to come up with the funds to pay for his stay in paradise, driving him to work in The Grey Zone.

The Series stars: Robbie Amell as Nathan, Andy Allo as Nora, Kevin Bigley as Luke, Allegra Edwards as Ingrid, Zainab Johnson as Aleesha, and Owen Daniels as A.I. Guy.

Written and directed by Emmy-winning writer Greg Daniels (‘The Office’, ‘Parks and Recreation’, ‘King of the Hill’), ‘Upload’ returns for another season of clever, future forecasting, and absurdly relatable comedy on October 20 on Prime Video.

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