Movie Review | Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye 2: Must watch morale booster

February 27, 2023
Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye 2 is a must watch for everyone; it will prove to be a basic guiding light in framing one’s mindset and tread the right path. The path to win over the mind.

Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye 2‘ is a proper sequel to ‘Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye‘ (2017) which was the steppingstone of an entire ideology behind the making of the film (franchise). We humans are always in the dilemma of winning ‘what the mind wants’ and to win ‘over the mind’ itself. People face various situations in a lifetime. Every individual has his/her own interpretation of the situation the person is in. There are ups and downs in one’s life and people tend to take steps per their understanding. Though each action is subjective, but which one is the most optimum is what is difficult to find out. The narrative begins with where it left off and takes the story to the next stage.

The first part introduced us to the super rich Sanghvi family. One fine day the three Sanghvi brothers Vasant, Suryakant & Niranjan Sanghvi (Dharmendra Gohil, Rajeev Mehta & Harsh Khurana) break the news to the family that they had made certain business decisions which has resulted in them losing their wealth. The Sanghvis are on a crossroad between the right and the ‘seemingly right’. Here begins their struggle to work up the circumstances while maintaining the family and their business interests and people affected by their business actions. While the elders of the family have their own reasons, it is the young (sons) Dev and Viren Sanghvi (Krishna Bharadwaj and Hemen Chauhan) who take the matter in their hands and bring the first part to its logical end.

In the second part, while Dev and Viren Sanghvi have successfully crossed the first hurdle, it is the life after that is more critical. The three brothers Vasant, Suryakant & Niranjan Sanghvi, felt relieved temporarily but how would they execute the solutions presented in the first part forms the crux. It brings its own set of problems that are multi fold – within the family and outside – with their own set of challenges.

Every individual, rich or not so rich, in personal or professional life, time and again face various hurdles in life. So much so that they end up taking shelter through various business forums, astrologers, counsellors, etc. and if that too doesn’t help than the weak end up taking the drastic step too! Thank fully these (Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye) films can be considered your counsellors presenting the most optimum way of thinking and achieving the ultimate goal. Every individual possesses various forms of strengths, this part comments on activating the first and foremost – ‘manobal‘ i.e., morale or self-confidence. While the first part was about being right, the second part is more about ‘morale’.

Once again, the young (sons) Dev and Viren Sanghvi become the backup plans for their elders and help them realise that it is their morale that will help them face the situation and take steps in the right direction. While this part also gets its logical end, we wait for the next set of challenges and their debate to tackle them by winning over the mind.

Visually, the second part is far more advanced than the first in terms of the presentation, it is the dialogues and the overall commentary that remains the soul. Director Dipesh Shah has involved CG and VFX to explain the commentary in a more cinematic way so that the feeling of watching cinema is not taken over by that of a discourse. And that itself is the victory of the makers.

The narrative tries to explain the subject matter in the form of visual and dramatized examples to make things clearer. For instance, a very interesting sequence where the family is challenged if they can stay happy and satisfied having simple meals instead of their routine of lavish meals. Can they survive without the luxuries of air conditioning, travelling in public transport, not savouring the exorbitantly costly mangoes, and many such things.

Also, a sequence of a generous person offering them an unrealistic deal for their house laced with the persons backgrounder and his reason and logic for his offering will help one realise certain key principles of life.

The narrative of Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye is not about a protagonist and an antagonist ending with an ‘happily ever after’ but it showcases the situation and circumstance through the perspectives of the various characters, their feelings and their view points and culminates into achieving a certain goal. In this case – boosting the morale.

Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye 2 is a must watch for everyone. Though it may not be possible for everyone to think the way the characters do but will at least prove to be a basic guiding light in framing one’s mindset and tread the right path. The path to win over the mind.

Movie: Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye 2
Writer & Director: Dipesh Shah
Cast: Krishna Bharadwaj, Hemen Chauhan, Ketkie Jayashree Parekh, Sheetal Pandya Bhattacharya, Dharmendra Gohil, Rajiv Mehta, Harsh Khurana, Karan Bhanushali, Sucheeta Trivedi, Rudrakshi, Anahita Jahanbaksh
Music Director: Uttank Vora
Editor: Dharmesh Patel, Shakti Mohanty
Duration: 158 Mins

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